Plantations International Senior Management

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Plantations International directly and indirectly employees over 1,000 full and part time staff in over 20 countries (depending on current and seasonal needs), whilst it is not feasible to list everyone on this page, we would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their contributions.

Below is our senior management team..

Steve Criswell – Managing Director

Mr. Criswell has extensive experience in the financial industry having worked for 20 years in the U.K. as a successful agricultural  commodities trader. He then capitalized on his in-depth knowledge of the financial markets as he moved into a lucrative client facing role as an independent financial adviser, developing and managing portfolios for numerous International clients.

After several years in the same industry, Mr. Criswell moved his focus to business interests further afield to take advantage of huge agricultural commodity opportunities in South America and Asia.

Mr. Criswell’s key strength is his ability to identify and profit from untapped emerging market opportunities. During the last eight years he has developed a keen interest in environmentally aware business models and for the last 5 years. Mr. Criswell was the original driving force for Plantations International’s Precision Farming Technologies projects across Asia.

Frank Chang – CFO

Taiwan born Frank Chang is the Chief Financial Officer Plantations International and is based in Malaysia. As CFO, Mr. Chang leads Plantations International’s finance, audit, investor relations, compliance & ethics, and mergers & acquisitions functions.

Prior to joining Plantations International, Mr. Changwas the CFO of Janet Corporation for the last eleven years. Mr. Chang also has served in senior-level finance positions at Delpingo and Skywings. He began his career with the accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

Tao jin – Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Jin was born and raised in Shanghai, China. After graduating from the East China University of Science and Technology with a degree in Agricultural Sciences, Mr. Jin worked in local and provincial governments. He was elected to office and held director appointments on various Agriculture related boards in the Shanghai area.

His experience within local governments farm planning has allowed him to understand both the way in which policies are developed and implemented at a macro level and how local governments implement policies and manage the growth to meet both public and private interests.

Barry Shapiro – Director Human Resources

As head of HR and Administration for Plantations International, Mr. Shapiro is responsible for leading the global HR organization in support of all of Plantations International’s business lines, in all regions, for both home office employees and field staff and craft. The main HR organizational areas include operational support for Plantations International’s business lines and offices as well as leadership of corporate functions such as employee benefits, salary administration, relocation services, HR Policies, diversity, and learning and development.

Mr. Shapiro is responsible for Plantations International Board of Director level interfaces and committees that relate to compensation, benefits, and resources at Plantations International. He is also responsible for community and office real estate and leases by Plantations International and provides functional oversight and leadership to the office facility management group.

Prior to leading Plantations International’s HR organization, Mr. Shapiro held various management and operations positions within different business segments, including Industrial & Infrastructure and Chemicals & Petrochemicals.

He is a University of Texas graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering.

Karen Yong – Chief Acquisitions Officer

Karen was born and raised in the Kowloon region of Hong Kong, a region, she attended the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in Canada. After graduation in 1990, she joined the Provincial Government of Ontario.

Her main responsibilities include the strategy and purchase of Plantations International properties, development and planning of all lands as well as working with local government officials.

Karen’s experience has allowed her to develop many mutually beneficial relationships. The relationships have also assisted Karen with gaining knowledge of future population growth projections; and agriculture and development needs in many regions around the world.

Ryan Jackson – International Sales and Client Relations Director

Miami, Florida born Ryan Jackson joined Plantations International in April 2011. Since joining the company , Mr. Jackson  has held numerous positions in both operations and infrastructure development. Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Jackson served as Plantations International’s director of emerging markets.

Mr. Jackson is an industry recognized sales and marketing expert and previously served as the director one of Florida’s largest agricultural companies generating over $200 million in sales.