Plantations International, a global leader in sustainable plantation and farm management, is very happy to announce that its innovative asset-backed Mango and Durian Green Bonds have begun trading on the Vienna Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Exchange starting August 1, 2023. This landmark move underscores Plantations International’s commitment to sustainable investment and agricultural innovation worldwide.

Pioneering Sustainable Investment

These unprecedented bonds, secured by the robust assets of Mango and Durian plantations, offer investors a unique opportunity to generate substantial returns while actively supporting the company’s groundbreaking sustainable farming initiatives. The initiative places the company at the forefront of the industry;  mobilizing capital towards eco-friendly projects and providing a meaningful platform for investors to contribute to a sustainable agricultural future.

A Significant Achievement

“Listing our Green Bonds on the esteemed Vienna ESG Exchange symbolizes a significant achievement for Plantations International.” said Mr. Gareth Cookson, Plantations International’s COO. He emphasized the company’s unwavering dedication to integrating sustainable practices into its business operations and affirmed its leadership position in the sector.

Commitment to Responsible Farming

By choosing To trade on the Vienna ESG Exchange, known for its focus on sustainable investments, the company demonstrates its relentless commitment to responsible and eco-friendly farming practices. This decision decision reinforces our leadership as a trailblazer within the agricultural industry.

Responsible Farming

The introduction of the Green Bonds will enable the company to expand its Mango and Durian plantations significantly. It will also attract investment in advanced plantation management systems, cutting-edge irrigation technology, and comprehensive tree surveillance procedures. This ensures the ongoing vitality and prosperity of its plantations and offers an attractive return for investors seeking to align their financial interests with positive environmental impact.

Inviting Investors to Champion Sustainability

“As Plantations International embarks on this journey, we invite our investors to join us as key partners in championing sustainable agriculture.” added Mr. Cookson. He stressed that investments in the Green Bonds would translate into tangible contributions towards a greener and more responsible future.