Water & Soil Testing

Water Testing

Testing the chemical make-up of irrigation and stock water is important to avoid potential crop-production, soil-health or farm-livestock problems. A water test includes testing for pH, electrical conductivity and a range of chemical elements and compounds.

Plantations International holistic view of water helps us address the concerns of farmer and around the world, which face the threats of water scarcity and water stress. We respond by innovating in areas such as integrated catchment management and aquifer storage to help ensure sustainable water resources.

Plantations International understands each stage of the water cycle helps clients secure safe, reliable sources of water for farms, orchards and plantations, while minimizing impact on the environment. Our integrated skills all come into play when we assist clients to plan, design and deliver water to meet the most unique requirements.

The availability of water in the right quantity and quality is vital to meet the ever growing demand for agricultural purposes. We provide specialist horological and hydro-geological services to a number of clients around the world for applications ranging from finding new water supplies to irrigated farms, orchards and plantations to conducting studies to support groundwater investigations and modelling.

For information on water testing or to obtaining a water testing kit, please contact your local Plantations International agronomist or animal nutritionist.

Soil Testing

Soil is tsoiltesthe most important resource in an agricultural system. The structure, fertility and general health of the soil is a critical determinant of crop and pasture production.

Understanding and maintaining the chemical, physical and biological ‘health’ of your soil will provide the foundation for increased sustainable productivity.

By testing the current chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil, farmers are able to:

  • Determine the fertility status of the soil.
  • Determine fertilizer requirements and the most appropriate fertilizer products.
  • Determine soil ameliorant requirements, eg lime and gypsum.
  • Make more confident decisions, including determining expected yields and the profitability of an expected investment in fertilizer.
  • Monitor changes in fertility over time.

Soil fertility is most accurately measured by conducting a program of soil testing. Plantations International branches and Plantations International Agronomists able to supply soil test kits.

The Interpretation of soil-test reports requires specialist knowledge of:

  • soil types.
  • paddock history.
  • local conditions.
  • expected yields (in the case of crops).
  • stocking rates (in the case of pastures).

Plantations International agronomists using Nutriwise interpretative software are trained to interpret soil tests and make accurate fertilizer and soil ameliorant recommendations.

Soil Sampling

Obtaining a representative soil sample is critical. Plantations International, highly recommends the following:

  • Conduct a regular soil test program and maintain records.
  • Obtain a soil test kit from you Plantations International branch.
  • Use clean sampling equipment.
  • Avoid stock camps, gateways, recently fertilized areas, etc.
  • If soil types vary markedly across the paddock, eg from loam to clay, take separate samples for each soil type.
  • Take 20-30 representative samples from across the paddock on affixed transect; ideally GPS grid points should be used for accurate monitoring over time.
  • Soil cores should be taken from 0-10cm or 0-30cm (for advice contact your local Plantations International agronomist).
  • A map and plan of the soil sampling areas is required.

Soil test results and soil test types can be mapped and interpreted, and recommendations can be made based on the crop types grown, expected rainfall and yield and quality expectations.

To find out more about the Plantations International water and soil testing services and kits and to receive a free initial consultation, please call us today on +852 5808 3775 or Click Here to contact your nearest Plantations International representative.