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China’s demand for Durian not effected by Covid-19

China has emerged as a saviour for the durian industries in Thailand and Malaysia throughout the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, with solid demand and import growth continuing even throughout lockdowns despite earlier pessimistic predictions. The durian industry was predicted to take a bad hit when the pandemic hit earlier this year, especially for the world’s largest durian exporters Thailand and Malaysia due to labour shortages, logistics interruptions, and most crucially a drop in demand from China which is the largest durian-importing country globally. Recent data has however revealed that even a global pandemic has not managed to curtail China’s appetite for the [...]

Malaysia Durian Market Update

(Kuala Lumpur, September 15, 2020) Malaysia expects durian production to pass 440,000 tonnes by 2030 and plans are being made to maximize the fruit’s potential. Malaysian authorities have forecast the country’s durian production is expected to increase to 443,000 metric tonnes by 2030. According to a report from the Malay Mail, Khalid Ibrahim, marketing and export division secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI), said the projection is based on 2019 data, which saw Malaysia record 72,536ha of durian cultivation and production of 384,170 tonnes. Khalid said export demand has and would continue to drive the industry’s growth. He [...]

The Health Benefits of Drinking Agarwood Tea

It seems that the famous celebrity, Doctor Oz, got us all thinking about the benefits drinking of green tea, and so, a ton of little-known herbal teas were brought into the forefront of the media, due to their slimming and detox properties. Some of these natural loose leaf teas may be new to us in North America, but they are not new, in any sense of word, to the world around us. One such herbal tea is the virtually unheard of agarwood tea leaves. While it is a predominant force in Asian medicinal and spiritual practices, not too many of us [...]

DHL Malaysia Launches Next Day Durian Delivery to Hong Kong and Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8: Durian business owners can now take advantage of exporting the king of fruits abroad, particularly to Hong Kong and Singapore through DHL Express Malaysia's Durian Express initiative. In a statement, the international delivery service provider said it aims to help durian business owners meet the overseas demand spike, which guarantees next-day delivery in less than 24 hours. "The service also demonstrates our longstanding commitment to the Malaysian small and medium durian farming community, as we continue to help them look beyond our shores and realise their growth potential,” said DHL Express Malaysia managing director Julian Neo. With [...]

Musang King Durian Demand is Increasing

Demand for Musang King Durian investment has skyrocketed this decade as more and more international consumers have gotten familiar with what we regional call the "King of Fruits". Since 2010, Musang King Durian has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with imports rising 26% annually. ​China's demand for Musang King Durian has been astronomical but demand is also being driven by consumers throughout all of Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Durian is now the new starlet of the food and beverage industry with manufactures and retailers driving unique product innovations and marketing within the sector. [...]

Musang King Durian to Enter China

Since the first volumes of frozen musang king durians were shipped to China in April 2018, the Chinese market has seen a surge in demand for Musang King Durian. Large volumes of this variety from Malaysia are expected to enter China with the "First China-ASEAN Online Trade Fair" that is to take place on September 11-13. Durian is indigenous to Malaysia and was later introduced to Thailand, Myanmar and other areas. The soil, water quality, temperature and other conditions in Malaysia are highly suitable for the growth of this fruit, therefore, the country produces the fruit with the best taste and [...]

Why is Agarwood so expensive?

First-grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram. Why is Agarwood so expensive? First-grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram. In order for the aquilaria tree to produce any agarwood, it must first become infected. Agarwood chips also known as oud are carved out by hand. Narrator: For thousands of years, agarwood has been known as "The Wood of the Gods." First-grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram, making it one of the most expensive raw materials in the world. But for this tree to produce any agarwood, it must first become infected with [...]