United Tropical Fruit Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia, an owned subsidiary of the Plantations International Group of companies is very pleased to announce that it has received a USD 440,114,454 projected revenue valuation for its Organic Musang King Durian Plantation from a leading International accounting and auditing firm.

United Tropical Fruit’s Organic Musang King Durian Plantation consists of 4,500 trees and is located on a 100-acre site in the Malaysian state of Pahang and has been secured by United Tropical Fruit on a 60-year leasehold basis.

Mr. Gareth Cookson, the director of operations for Plantations International in ASEAN said “We are the only players in the market that have invested the time, money, research & development to achieve a truly organic Musang King Durian. While other companies might claim to use organic farming methods, we will breed 100% organic seed nuts, so the organic chain of custody starts way before the Musang King Durian sapling is planted into the ground”.

The valuation report also projects a total free cash flow (FCFF) of USD 293,530,527 with a net present value (NPV) range of the plantation as of 1 November 2021 of USD 40.63 mn. to USD 46.46 mn and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 30.05%.

Plantations International Securities

The Plantations International Group via its Luxembourg subsidiary Plantations International Securities s.a.r.l. has launched a fully securitized 12-year Organic Musang King Durian bond offering, with a coupon rate of between 4.78% to 12.88%, the securitized bond has a face value of USD 12,500,000 and is backed by the revenue of the plantation and will be exclusively available through the company’s Sustainable Agroforestry Securitized Fund Platform, which has already registered pre-launch interest of nearly 60%.

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Plantations International Contact

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