XLB, DOW, DD, MON: ETF Outflow Alert

Plantations International Monsanto Information < div id= "articleText" readability=" 47.304565701559" > Looking today at week-over-week shares impressive changes among the world of ETFs covered at ETF Channel, one standout is the Products Select Field SPDR Fund (Sign: XLB) where we have found an approximate $ 35.3 million buck discharge-- that's a 1.3% reduction week over week (from 57,573,725 to 56,823,725). Among the largest underlying components of XLB, in trading today Dow Chemical Co. (Symbol: DOW) is down about 0.3%, DuPont (Sign: DD) is up about 0.3%, as well as Monsanto Co. (Symbol: MON) is reduced by about 0.4%. For a full [...]

Logging: an alert from the islands of São Tomé and also Príncipe

Plantations International News The forests of Sao Tome and also Principe are being lost at an alarming price. Ricardo LimaBy Martin Dallimer, College of Leeds as well as Ricardo Faustino de Lima, Universidade de Lisboa.When going to the volcanic islands of São Tomé and even Príncipe off the coast of West Africa, one is instantly struck by how unusual these tropical islands are. The high, volcanic hills seem to be swathed in impenetrable, story-book forest. However, as ecologists know, first impressions can be deceiving.When São Tomé and Príncipe were discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1470 the land was entirely covered by [...]