Biofuel heavyweights collect at public conference in Kansas to talk about EPA’s RFS proposals

Plantations International Agarwood Gaharu News Biofuels heavyweights attended a public meeting to review the United States' Epa's (EPA) propositions to change the Sustainable Gas Requirement (RFS) in Kansas, US. EPA's recent proposition calls on refiners to blend 14.8 billion gallons of conventional biofuels in 2017, a little below the 15-billion-gallon degree envisioned by the US Congress when it broadened the RFS in 2007. Officials from the United States EPA heard comments from more than 100 participants on their prepare for just how much ethanol and also various other renewable gas should be combined right into motor gasoline as well as diesel [...]

Growing innovative biofuel gallons

Plantations International Agarwood Gaharu News The Advanced Biofuels Organization lately included three brand-new members, two of which are biodiesel producers, bringing the volume of sophisticated biofuels gallons the organization stands for to nearly 10 billion < div readability=" 86.875580979621" > Subscription to the Advanced Biofuels Association is growing, as well as the group claims it now represents virtually 10 billion gallons of residential and international biofuels manufacturing. In late May, ABFA welcomed three new members-- biodiesel producers Biox and Louis Dreyfus, and also the Brazilian sugarcane market association (UNICA). Biox owns as well as runs a 17.7 MMgy biodiesel video production [...]

Neste biofuel to sustain vehicles based at Italian cross-country ski race

Plantations International News Netherlands-based oil and also energy business Tamoil has started marketing arctic diesel having Neste's sustainable diesel to its business consumers in the northern Italian Alps region, which will be made use of to fuel automobiles servicing the Marcialonga cross-country ski race in Italy. Tamoil's Gasolio Artico gas consists of a minimum of 20 % of Neste's eco-friendly diesel and also can be made use of in cool conditions, baseding on Neste. "We are pleased to be able to aid our consumer Tamoil to be the very first in Northern Italy to launch a sustainable energy with exceptional cold [...]

Norway’s Oslo Airport begins jet biofuel delivery for all airlines

Plantations International News Oslo Airport in Norway has become the world's first airport to offer jet biofuel to all airlines through the normal supply mechanism. The biofuel, produced from the Camelina plant, is supplied by oil giant BP’s aviation division Air BP and Lufthansa Group, SAS, and KLM have already signed agreements to purchase the fuel. Air BP has entered into an agreement to deliver of 1.25 million litres of fuel to Oslo Airport with a goal to gradually increase the volume and establish regular commercial delivery. Avinor, the managing company of Norway’s state-owned airports, and Air BP say the beginning [...]

Ensyn to bring Georgia biofuel plant online by 2017

Plantations International Information US-based biofuel plant business Ensyn will certainly begin producing renewable energy from its biofuel plant in Georgia from January 2017. Ensyn told regional press that its Dooly County establishment in Georgia will certainly make use of 440 tonnes of wood tops as well as tree arm or legs to produce power and other gases. It plans to generate 20m gallons of energy ever year. Terrell Hudson, the Dooly Region Compensation Chairman, told regional news web site WMAZ: "The investment for Dooly Area is significant. With a county with under a $ 300m tax obligation digest and a $ [...]

Shell India to build new demo biofuel plant in Bangalore

Plantations International News Shell India Markets, the Indian arm of Royal Dutch Shell, has announced plans to build a five tonne/day biofuel demonstration plant using IH2 technology on the site of its new technology centre in Bangalore, India. IH2 technology is a continuous catalytic thermo-chemical process which converts a broad range of forestry/agricultural residues and municipal wastes directly into renewable hydrocarbon transportation fuels and/or blend stocks. The technology was developed by US-based Gas Technology Institute in 2009 and is being further developed in collaboration with CRI Catalyst Company, Shell's Catalyst business. Shell India will build, operate and own the demonstration scale [...]

Scientists create ‘nano-reactor’ to create hydrogen biofuel

Plantations International News Researchers from US-based Indiana University have actually established a virus-like biomaterial that catalyses the development of hydrogen for the production of biofuels. The biomaterial or 'nano-reactor', as scientists at Indiana University describe it, is created by putting a modified enzyme inside the protective protein shell of a virus, called a capsid. The resulting 'nano reactor' driver is 150 times much more reliable than the unaltered form of the enzyme. Essentially, we've taken an infection's ability to self-assemble myriad genetic structure blocks and also included an extremely vulnerable as well as delicate enzyme with the exceptional residential property of [...]