EU extends duties on US biodiesel as US imports surge

Plantations International News After a year-long investigation, the EU has extended duties on U.S. biodiesel, a decision that the U.S. biodiesel trade association says is unfair and protectionist. EU Regulations 2015/1518 and 2015/1519 were published Sept. 15 in the EU Official Journal. The regulations extend both the antidumping and antisubsidy duties on U.S. biodiesel for an additional five years. The duties originally went into effect in July 2009 after complaints that subsidized B99 from the U.S. was flooding the European market, causing injury to EU producers. Afterwards, complaints that U.S. producers were circumventing the duties by shipping biodiesel to the EU [...]

EU extends import duties on US biodiesel until 2020

Plantations International News             Cookies are required to use this site. Please turn them on! This website requires javascript to be enabled. September 15, 2015 The EU will extend anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on imported US biodiesel until 2020, according to Reuters. The duties were extended in an EU attempt to maintain its defence against trade in renewable fuels. The EU argues that should the duties, originally set in 2009 on certain US biodiesel producers, be lifted, the resulting increase in imports could damage European biofuels production. At issue was a US tax credit of $ [...]