EU Falls short to Get Enough Bulk in Ballot to Extend Glyphosate Usage– Update.

Plantations International Monsanto Information < div id=" articlebody" itemprop=" articleBody "readability=" 108.0597213006" >< period class =" newsarttitle" > < p class=" nitfby "> By Gabriele Steinhauser BRUSSELS-- The future of weedkiller glyphosate, the energetic ingredient of Monsanto Co.'s Roundup, in the European Union market stays uncertain, after a proposition to momentarily extend its sales consent cannot amass the essential bulk on Monday. Glyphosate's EU sales license runs out at the end of the month. Reauthorizing the widely utilized weedkiller has run right into opposition from numerous federal governments amid clashing clinical assessments on whether it triggers cancer cells. The EU's executive [...]

Iowa legislators asked to extend, expand biodiesel rewards

Plantations International News Members and supporters of the Iowa Biodiesel Board hit the state capitol Feb. 17, asking state lawmakers to expand and also expand biodiesel motivations set to expire. These include a tax credit that assists the state's 13 biodiesel manufacturers make Iowa the top state for production, as well as a seller's credit rating that lures energy merchants to carry biodiesel blends. The "Iowa Biodiesel Day on the Hillside," a public education day as well as lunch hosted by IBB, consisted of conferences with legislators to discuss the 2016 legal priorities to keep this crucial state production market solid. [...]