A living, breathing forest

Plantations International Information Lucy McHugh/CIFOR By Tim Christophersen (UNEP). Initially released by Thomson Reuters. Have you ever before strolled right into a woodland and also felt its prompt cooling and also soothing effect? Have you ever before marveled at a huge as well as old tree and also questioned exactly how a lot longer than you it has been around? No surprise that woodlands are deeply intertwined with several nation's history and also mythologies, and trees crown the banknotes of a lot of the world's currencies.Forests cover virtually one third of all land, as well as there are greater than 400 [...]

Good news on tropical rain forest: they bounce back solid, keeping even more carbon than thought

Plantations International Information Youthful additional forest in Costa Rica, with old-growth trees visible in the background. Susan G. Letcher, CC BY-SASusan Letcher, Purchase College State College of New YorkWhen you reduced as well as melt a tropical woodland, you're entrusted a barren level of split red mud, unable of sustaining life-- the opposite of the teeming, hyperdiverse array of life that was damaged. As soon as the trees are gone, the nutrients get rid of and the soil degrades into a dense, brick-like level so solidified that plant roots can't get with it.This was the vision of exotic logging held in [...]

Seeing the effect of forest fires in South Sumatra: a perspective from the area

Plantations International Information By Ann Jeannette Glauber. Initially published at The Globe Financial institution.This previous autumn, I saw a stunning heading: Woodland fires in Indonesia were producing as lots of greenhouse gas exhausts as the entire USA economy.Between June and also October 2015, an estimated 2.6 million hectares-- or 4.5 times the dimension of Bali-- shed to clear land for manufacturing of hand oil, the world's greatest worth non-timber woodland crop, utilized in food items, cosmetics, biofuels.Recently, in addition to Vice President for Sustainable Advancement Laura Tuck and Indonesia Country Director Rodrigo Chaves, I checked out South Sumatra, among the provinces [...]

A Panama hat trick? Higher carbon stock, stakeholder revenue and forest cover

Plantations International News Smallholder farming in Panama, where research study is disclosing the positive aspects of a landscape technique. Michael McCullough.By Gabriel Labbate. Initially released at the UN-REDD Program Blog site.Arise from Panama show that rises in carbon stocks, stakeholder revenues as well as forest cover could be attained all at once via a landscape method to REDD+ integrating avoided deforestation/degradation, the promotion of silvopastoral and also agroforestry tracts, and also tree plantations. In the visibility of an appropriate surveillance system, a landscape technique could also create barrier reserves of carbon to manage threats related to non-compliance of net exhaust decrease [...]