College of Kentucky algal biofuels research striking the ground in China

Plantations International Information The University of Kentucky Establishment for Applied Power Study (CAER) is partnering with Lianhenghui Investment Co. to construct a five-acre algae production center in Zhengzhou, China. The establishment will feature the center's unique photobioreactor innovation for growing algae, which will certainly be made use of for the manufacturing of gases, nutraceuticals, as well as bioplastics. Lianhenggui is also constructing a second, smaller sized center in Zhengzhou, which will certainly use the very same technology to grow algae for the production of nutraceuticals. Microalgae have actually attracted considerable interest in the last few years as a high-yield sustainable feedstock [...]

Back On Strong Ground

Plantations International Information After a prolonged duration of plan unpredictability, the final renewable gas specification (RFS) guideline and also a two-year retroactive reinstatement of the $ 1-per-gallon blender or food processors tax credit history are anticipated to bring stability back to the U.S. biodiesel sector. After 2 years in limbo without renewable quantity commitments (RVOs) under the government sustainable gas criterion (RFS) for 2014-'15-- in addition to uncertainty concerning future years-- the United States biodiesel sector had actually as soon as again discovered itself in a state of precariousness following the strong development year of 2013. The pattern of excellent years [...]