Michigan State University partners with ExxonMobil to improve algal biofuels

Plantations International Information A new $ 1 million (appr. EUR890,000) connection in between Michigan State University (MSU) and also ExxonMobil will certainly increase research study developed to advance the essential scientific research required to progress algae-based fuels. The general objective of the partnership is to enhance the effectiveness of photosynthesis in microalgae to create biofuels and bioproducts. The trick to bioenergy is the effectiveness of photosynthesis, the procedure algae usage to record solar power and also the very first step in converting the power from the sun into a fluid gas. Previous research has actually shown that algae photosynthesis can be [...]

Cardiff University researchers improve biodiesel yields

Plantations International News Researchers at Cardiff University have devised a way of increasing the yield of biodiesel by using the waste left over from its production process. Using simple catalysis, the researchers have been able to recycle an undesired by-product of the vegetable-oil-to-biodiesel conversion process, and convert this residue into an ingredient to produce even more biodiesel. It is believed this new process will have significant environmental benefits by improving the yield of biodiesel in a sustainable way that doesn’t require the use of additional fossil fuels and could potentially reduce the costs of the biodiesel production process. The results were [...]