Abengoa closes down plant in France

Plantations International Agarwood Gaharu News Abengoa Bioenergy has actually quit operations at its bioethanol plant in Lacq, France. An Abengoa spokesperson offered a statement to Biofuels International. However, the company did not divulge what the occurrence was or the reason for the incident. The claim claimed: "An event happened in among the fermenters during a set up closure of the plant for upkeep. " There were no injuries to workers as a result of this incident. Neither existed any type of resulting pollution outside the zone. The location was safeguarded with the help of the fire division from Induslacq. " Everything [...]

White Hill Biodiesel goes through large plant expansion

Plantations International News White Mountain Biodiesel LLC is undertaking a major growth at its biodiesel manufacturing establishment in North Haverhill, New Hampshire. The two-year development job will certainly increase manufacturing capability of White Mountain Biodiesel from 3 MMgy to even more compared to 16 MMgy and consists of a 10,000-square-foot enhancement to its existing center and installation of almost 1.2 million gallons of additional handling and storage tanks. The company claims the enhancements will be made using proprietary technologies created internal over the past 9 years, as well as the job will cause significant expense decreases from increased efficiencies. Presby Building [...]

New means to decrease plant lignin might lead to more affordable biofuels

Plantations International News Researchers from the United States Department of Power's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have actually revealed for the very first time that an enzyme can be changed to reduce lignin in plants. According to Berkeley Laboratory, its strategy could help decrease the cost of converting biomass right into carbon-neutral gases to power vehicles and also other sustainably developed bio-products. Lignin is a polymer that is essential to a plant's health and wellness and also structure. However lignin also permeates plant cell wall surfaces as well as borders the sugars caught within. This presents a significant obstacle in [...]

Egregor plans ethanol plant in Northern Russia

Plantations International News             Cookies are required to use this site. Please turn them on! This website requires javascript to be enabled. february 5, 2016 Egregor Biotech and Evolution Group is planning to construct a bioethanol plant in the forest-rich Komi Republic in Northern Russia. The plant would process 400,000 tpy of unusable timber and sawmill residues into 100,000 tonnes of ethanol, according to the Komiinform news agency. Egregor has already invested RUB15 million (€177,000) in the project, but the total required investment is expected to rise to €136 million. The company is currently in the [...]

Shuttered bioethanol plant Kazakhstan readied to relaunch by end of 2016

Plantations International News A mothballed bioethanol plant in Kazakhstan is set to resume production by the end of 2016. The Mutual fund of Kazakhstan is functioning to bring the Biokhim plant, positioned in the town of Tayinsha in the North Kazakhstan region, back on the internet with the very first stage arranged for December 2016. The plant will make bioethanol for the Pavlodar oil refinery, with later shipments arranged for the Shymkent refinery in the south of the country. The Pavlodar refinery, which is presently going through modernisation work along with Shymkent, will start generating Euro-5 and also Euro-6 fuel in [...]

Ensyn to bring Georgia biofuel plant online by 2017

Plantations International Information US-based biofuel plant business Ensyn will certainly begin producing renewable energy from its biofuel plant in Georgia from January 2017. Ensyn told regional press that its Dooly County establishment in Georgia will certainly make use of 440 tonnes of wood tops as well as tree arm or legs to produce power and other gases. It plans to generate 20m gallons of energy ever year. Terrell Hudson, the Dooly Region Compensation Chairman, told regional news web site WMAZ: "The investment for Dooly Area is significant. With a county with under a $ 300m tax obligation digest and a $ [...]

Shell India to build new demo biofuel plant in Bangalore

Plantations International News Shell India Markets, the Indian arm of Royal Dutch Shell, has announced plans to build a five tonne/day biofuel demonstration plant using IH2 technology on the site of its new technology centre in Bangalore, India. IH2 technology is a continuous catalytic thermo-chemical process which converts a broad range of forestry/agricultural residues and municipal wastes directly into renewable hydrocarbon transportation fuels and/or blend stocks. The technology was developed by US-based Gas Technology Institute in 2009 and is being further developed in collaboration with CRI Catalyst Company, Shell's Catalyst business. Shell India will build, operate and own the demonstration scale [...]