Price space in between diesel, biodiesel broadens in Germany

Plantations International Information At the end of October, Germany's wholesale cost for biodiesel stood at around 75.60 euro cents per litre (USD $ 3.066 each gallon), omitting power tax obligation, hence going beyond the rate for agricultural diesel (i.e., off-road diesel) by virtually 10 euro cents per litre (USD $ 0.416 per gallon). Baseding on Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (AMI), this was the greatest cost level because June 2014. The substantial surge of biodiesel costs was due to increasing feedstock prices, resilient need of rapeseed methyl esters (RME) before the cold season and high products costs following low water levels of significant rivers. [...]

Platts launches price assessments for ethanol by-product dried distillers grain

Plantations International News Platts, a global provider of energy and commodities information, has begun publishing price assessments for a key ethanol by-product increasingly used as animal feed in the US and globally. The new references are for dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) and reflect values for the Midwest, the key corn, wheat, and grains producing region in the US, and exportable values at the US Gulf Coast. DDGS is a by-product from the making of ethanol using a dry-mill method, which grinds into flour the whole grain kernel rather than separating it into its germ, fiber, protein, and starch parts [...]