Iowa biodiesel production tax obligation credit expanded through 2024

Plantations International Agarwood Gaharu News In Iowa, at Renewable Energy Group Inc.'s Newton biodiesel plant, Gov. Terry Branstad signed legislation right into legislation May 24 prolonging as well as expanding state biodiesel incentives. The costs, SF 2309, prolongs a state biodiesel manufacturing tax obligation credit rating via 2024. The manufacturing credit, which amounts to 2 cents per gallon on the very first 25 million gallons of production per biodiesel plant, was scheduled to sunset Dec. 31, 2017. The procedure also expands as well as broadens a retailer's credit that gives petroleum retailers an incentive of 4.5 cents per gallon on blends [...]

Iowa biodiesel production breaks record in 2015

Plantations International Information The Iowa Renewable Fuels Organization announced Jan. 13 that regardless of plan uncertainty for almost all of 2015, Iowa biodiesel manufacturing set a new annual document of 242 million gallons. Biodiesel production was up from 227 million gallons in 2014, as well as covered the previous document of 230 million gallons embeded in 2013. Once national numbers are announced, Iowa is expected to once more lead the country in biodiesel manufacturing in 2015. "It needs to be claimed that Iowa's document biodiesel production in 2015 is a proof to the effectiveness of Iowa's plants as well as to [...]

Iowa biodiesel production breaks document in 2015

Plantations International Information Biodiesel production in the US state of Iowa has actually set a new document of 242 million gallons in 2015, according to Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA). Biodiesel production was up from 227 million gallons in 2014 as well as covered the previous record of 230 million gallons established in 2013. When national numbers are revealed, Iowa is expected to once again lead the country in biodiesel production in 2015. IRFA states the record was made in spite of the unpredictability that bordered US' biofuels plan for a lot of the year. "It should be said that Iowa's [...]

Argentina’s biodiesel production anticipated to drop 30 % in 2015

Plantations International News Argentina's biodiesel manufacturing is expected to reduce by 30 % in 2015 as growth of residential demand could not make up for declining international exports. The Argentine Biofuels and Hydrogen Association (ABHA) estimates this year's complete biodiesel result to cap at 1.8 million tonnes, a considerable decline from 2.58 million tonnes in 2014. Exports are expected to decline by 55 % and also the domestic Argentinian consumption, due to rise 11 %, will certainly not have the ability to compose the difference. The reduction suggests that the country's biodiesel sector is working just at roughly 40 % of [...]

Biofat job demonstrates algae’s capacity for biofuels production

Plantations International Information The Biofat project, a microalgae-to-biofuel FP7 demo task, has confirmed algae's capacity as a sustainable biofuel source with reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The job has focused on improving as well as demonstrating sustainability in the process, taking into consideration both ecological (e.g. usage of aquatic pressures to restrict freshwater use) as well as economic (e.g. low time consumption) problems. 2 1.5 hectare pilot-scale establishments have been built for the project in Italy and also Portugal, as well as a scaled-up 10-hectare demonstration plant is in the lasts of building. The plants have demonstrated how the algae-to-biofuel procedure [...]

Canadian researchers: Sugar corn could fuel ethanol production

Plantations International News Canadian farmers might one day grow sugar corn for a potentially huge alternative fuels market through a new project involving University of Guelph researchers. Along with scientists from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and Western University, the Guelph researchers will study sugar corn varieties whose higher sucrose concentrations might make them more suitable for making ethanol. The sugar comes from juices in corn stalks, similar to sugar from Brazilian sugar cane, which are then pressed to collect the juice, which is fermented into ethanol. Project leader Professor Brandon Gilroyed, [...]