Safety first, 2nd, 3rd, fourth

Plantations International Information The recent heartbreaking accident at a biodiesel plant in Spain strengthens the should place safety first, last and also at all factors in between Over the weekend an unfortunate accident at the Biocom Energia biodiesel plant in Valencia, Spain, claimed the lives of 2 workers as well as harmed a third. I feel deeply sorry for the targets and their households. Your loved one goes to operate in the morning as well as when you part for the day, you don't anticipate it being the last time you will ever before see them. Exactly how dreadful that should [...]

Food safety and security can not wait and neither can definitive action on climate adjustment

Plantations International News By Fred Snijders, Senior Natural Resources Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization. FAO reported in its magazine "State of Food Instability on the planet 2015" last June that the variety of starving individuals has gone down to 12.9 %. This is definitely great information, however at the same time, the downright numbers are still staggering; 795 million individuals are still starving today and also if environment action isn't achieved this number will enhance. Undernourishment is among the indications to evaluate food protection; a concept that has several dimensions. It includes food accessibility, manufacturing, access to food, utilization [...]