Stories from the area: Can video footage of smallholder farmers in East Africa have an effect at the policy level?

Plantations International News Man delivering fire wood along the 50km road to Lilongwe, Malawi. IFPRI/ Mitchell Maher.By Milo Mitchell. Originally released by the International Food Plan Research Institute.In February, I joined San Francisco-based digital photographer Mitchell Maher on a trip to Tanzania and Malawi. Both people journeyed out with each other to make films and collect photos for some continuous tasks IFPRI is entailed with in the region.In Tanzania, wesigned up with IFPRI elderly research other Ephraim Nkonya as well as his German collaborators, on the enormous Trans-SEC project. This job covers a handful of towns throughout Tanzania, as well as [...]

A Year in the Lives of Smallholder Farmers

Plantations International Information Veronica, a farmer in Tanzania, with her maize plant. © Hailey Tucker, 2015 CGAP Photo ContestInitially released at The World Bank.Place yourself for a minute in the footwears of a small farmer in rural Mozambique. Two weeks prior to produce, a large flood wipes out your entire maize crop. You had been counting on this produce for the majority of your yearly income as well as much of your food. Exactly what would certainly you do? Just how would certainly you cope?When Alina, a lady in northern Mozambique, shed every one of her chicks and even the majority [...]