ICM technology gives increase to ethanol manufacturers

Plantations International Agarwood Gaharu Information ICM, an US ethanol clothes dryer contractor, has revealed that its own Careful Mincing Innovation (SMT) has enabled ethanol developers to enhance their video production. In a statement, the company said that this's SMT has shifted coming from a new modern technology to a proven procedure at roughly 15% of the ethanol plants in the United States and also has allowed all of them to create over 300 million quarts of ethanol due to the fact that the authentic installments. The SMT process makes a rise yield from over 45 thousand gallons each year from ethanol [...]

Partnership BioEnergy companions with Harvesting Modern technology to boost ethanol manufacturing process

Plantations International Information Alliance BioEnergy Plus has actually developed a strategic partnership with Harvesting Modern technology (HT) for the incorporation of its certified and patented innovative splitting up process. Partnership prepares to make use of the splitting up technology together with its CTS cellulose conversion procedure in ethanol applications. When made use of in a dry mill corn ethanol plant, the HT procedure has the ability to separate the backend entire stillage into an extra one excess weight of distillers corn oil (DCO) each pile-- more than double the current process-- and also various other high fiber distiller's grain co-products. At [...]

Cowichan opens up biodiesel station with brand-new PoS technology

Plantations International News Cowichan Energy Alternatives, the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op as well as the Cowichan Valley Regional Area are holding a special grand position event Nov. 19 to commemorate Vancouver Island's initial Green & & Go Biofuel Station. The station supplies a full variety of biodiesel blends for use in any sort of diesel automobile, truck, bus or equipment. The brand-new biodiesel blending pump and also Factor of Sale (PoS) innovation will certainly offer motorists with a very easy and safe way to gain access to tidy, sustainable biodiesel. The pump's PoS will offer each member with a purchase record that [...]

MBI receives biomass pre-treatment technology patent

Plantations International News MBI, a US-based biotech company, has been granted a patent (patent no. 9,102,964) for its Afex biomass pre-treatment technology by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Afex technology enables energy producers to utilise the nearly 2 billion tonnes of biomass left on the fields annually after the harvest of crops such as corn, wheat, and rice and turn it into feedstock for cellulosic biofuels and animal feed. The newly issued patent expands the Afex technology intellectual property portfolio, which Michigan State University (MSU) – and later MBI, who is commercialising the technology on behalf of MSU – have been developing since MSU Distinguished [...]