A Year in the Lives of Smallholder Farmers

Plantations International Information Veronica, a farmer in Tanzania, with her maize plant. © Hailey Tucker, 2015 CGAP Photo ContestInitially released at The World Bank.Place yourself for a minute in the footwears of a small farmer in rural Mozambique. Two weeks prior to produce, a large flood wipes out your entire maize crop. You had been counting on this produce for the majority of your yearly income as well as much of your food. Exactly what would certainly you do? Just how would certainly you cope?When Alina, a lady in northern Mozambique, shed every one of her chicks and even the majority [...]

Howell says 2016 may be busiest year yet for biodiesel at ASTM

Plantations International News An abundance of ASTM and ISO biodiesel activities may make 2016 the busiest year yet at the standards organizations, said National Biodiesel Board senior technical advisor Steve Howell. At the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Tampa, Florida, Howell spoke about his involvement with biodiesel and ASTM for more than two decades, and he detailed ongoing and future technical work at ASTM and ISO that will ultimately expand market opportunities for biodiesel blends. Howell began by discussing how diesel OEMs are seeking changes to ASTM D975, the diesel fuel specification, in order to better perform with their high-pressure [...]

Research: Biofuels capability to grow to 61bln gallons a year in 2018

Plantations International News Worldwide biofuels capability will grow to 61 billion gallons each year (BGY) in 2018, up from 55.1 BGY in 2014, according to Lux Research study. Ethanol as well as biodiesel will certainly remain to dominate with 96 % of the ability in 2018, yet unique fuels and also unique feedstocks will certainly be major vehicle drivers of ability growth. Novel fuels and unique feedstocks will increase at a rapid 27 % and also 16 % compound annual growth price (CAGR), respectively, with 2018. Ethanol as well as biodiesel will certainly grow at a slower 2 % price but [...]