Welcome to Plantations International,

Plantations International is a multinational plantation management company whose specialty is providing sustainable, fully managed, and asset-backed agroforestry investment opportunities to its clients. We are looking to further expand our successful team of international agents and introducers.

If you have a network of clients and would like to offer them a high-yielding, safe, and secure agroforestry investment opportunity, then contact us today to see how we can work together.

Current Investment Offerings;

Musang King Durian


Offering: Organic Musang King Durian
Location: Malaysia
Valuation: USD 440,114,454.09
Annualized Returns: 19.97%



Offering: Mangoes 
Location: Thailand
Valuation: USD 112,213,867
Annualized Returns: 15.76%

Agarwood Chips & Oil


Offering: Agarwood (Oil & Chips)
Location: Thailand
Valuation: USD 158,678,364
Annualized Returns: 19.71%

Investment Structure Options;

  • Outright ownership of physical assets with full harvest and management agreement.
  • Securitized Luxembourg bonds with ISIN number.
  • Private placement share subscription, with Plantations International USA (USA Clients Only).

Please watch the below video:

We Require:

  • You must be highly ethical and professional!
  • You have an established network of contacts or clients (banking, insurance, financial services, real estate, or similar).
  • Introductions to prospective clients – we take care of everything for you post introduction, including a free inspection visit for your clients to see our plantations, offices, research and development centres and our production and export facilities.

We Offer:

  • 100% asset-backed plantation ownership opportunity.
  • Fully audited revenue valuations. 
  • Free Inspection visit for you and your clients to come see our plantations.
  • Full training provided.
  • Multilingual back office support.
  • Unique and lucrative products that your clients will find very appealing and can physically see.
  • Everything needed to succeed!

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