Welcome to Plantations International,

Plantations International is a multinational plantation management company whose specialty is providing sustainable & fully managed plantation investment opportunities to its clients. We are looking to further expand our successful team of international agents and introducers.

If you have a network of clients and would like to offer them a high-yielding, safe and secure plantation investment opportunity, then contact us today to see how we can work together.

Current Client Investment offerings;

Product: Mangoes
Location: Thailand
Valuation: USD 112,213,867
Annualized Returns: 15.76%
Product: Agarwood
Location: Thailand
Valuation: USD 158,678,364
Annualized Returns: 19.71%
Product: Organic Musang King Durian
Location: Malaysia
Valuation: USD 327,640,000
Annualized Returns: 19.97%

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