Plantations International conducts business in an ethical manner, guided by the enduring principles of our founders and an unwavering commitment to integrity.


All Company employees, officers and directors are required to abide by the Company’s global Employee Code of Conduct to ensure that all our businesses perform and behave in a consistently legal and ethical manner.

Our Code, which addresses every aspect of our business, sets high standards for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner and is the foundation of our corporate policies and procedures. Employees are expected to comply with the Global Code of Conduct and Company policies and to raise concerns if something does not seem right. These principles and policies make ethics a way of life at Plantations International.

To ensure compliance with the global Code’s tenets, Plantations International regularly provides training, communications, and guidance to our employees around the world. Further, employees are required to annually certify that they have read and will follow the Code of Conduct.


All Plantations International employees have an obligation to speak up if they become aware of conduct by a Company employee or business partner that they believe may violate any law, regulation or Company policy, including the Code of Conduct. To help employees report potential misconduct, the Company provides several reporting channels, including: managers, Human Resources professionals, the Legal Department, and the Ethics & Compliance (E&C) team.

In addition, the Company provides a confidential E&C Helpline, which is publicly available to anyone, including our business partners, for reporting an ethics or compliance concern. The multi-lingual Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by an independent third party. Reports can be made via country-specific phone numbers or online.  The Company will not tolerate retaliation against an employee who reports potential misconduct in good faith.


Plantations International has hundreds of suppliers around the world. The Company’s Supplier Guiding Principles ensure consistency across our operations with regards to upholding uniformly high standards of quality and service. The principles also require compliance with local labor and environmental laws.