Welcome to Thailand! Below you will find our most Frequently Asked Questions about our Thailand Agarwood plantation ownership opportunity that offers 19.71% annualized returns. 

Q: Who is Plantations International?

Plantations International is a multinational plantation and farm management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable agricultural and forestry “agroforestry” management services for its clients. Plantations International has clients ranging from private individuals to large land holders and institutional investors, we put teamwork, innovation and our passion for creating “Ethical & Sustainable Capital” at the heart of everything we do. 

Q: Where does Plantations International have Agarwood plantations?

Plantations International is a market leader in Agarwood cultivation an currently has fully active Agarwood plantations in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and has working plans for expansion into Vietnam by Q1 of 2021.

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Q: What EXACTLY is Agarwood and OUD Oil?

Agarwood is the “Heartwood Resin” of the Aquilaria Tree. Plantations International uses proprietary steam distillation technology to extract the precious Oud Oil from the Agarwood. Oud Oil is used in 100’s of premium fragrances around the world such as Gucci, Armani and Versace as well as countless of other commercial and medicinal uses. 

Please Watch The Below Video, The video will give you an in depth understanding of Agarwood and Oud Oil industry and the current market demand. You will see one tree in Thailand that is worth over USD 20 million!

Q: Why should I add forestry to my portfolio?

Simply put, trees are uncorrelated to the financial markets. trees don’t care about what is happening in the world. Over the last 100 years, forestry as an asset class has historically outperformed most stocks, bonds and even fixed bank deposits. Quick to mature, permanently in high demand, and always profitable, managed forestry is one of the most safest and secure ways to hedge your portfolio against market volatility. No matter what happens in the markets, trees just keep on growing!

Q: Who are the main buyers and distributors of Agarwood and Oud Oil?

The main buyers and distributors of Agarwood and Oud Oil are…

  •  Hundreds of Fragrance Houses / Cosmetic Companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies and companies producing Traditional Chinese Medicines
  • Countless retailers mostly in the Middle East and Gulf States.
  • Agarwood chip and Oud Oil wholesalers

Q: What is the global demand for Agarwood Products?

The current market for Agarwood derived products is worth over USD 12 Billion Annually and growing, with 12,000 kilograms of Oud Oil traded annually.

Q: Since Oud Oil is sold by the “Tola”, what exactly is a Tola a unit of measurement?

A Tola is a unit of measurement most commonly used in the measurement of commercial gold. 1 Tola is 12 grams.
(1 Tola = 12 Grams)

Q: How many Tolas of Oud Oil are my trees expected to yield on a per tree basis?

Each of your trees will yield 3 Tolas of Oud Oil per tree by year 7.

Q: What is my minimum guaranteed price of Oud Oil that I will receive on per Tola basis?

Plantation International offers a minimum guaranteed price of USD 325 per Tola and your expected gross returns are USD 975 on a Per Tree Basis, before harvest fees are deducted.

Q: What is my entry price and what kind of returns can I expect?

Your entry price is only USD 327.80 per tree and trees are sold in minimum blocks of 50, this means that 50 trees are only USD 16,390. Your expected annualized returns are 19.71% based on our guaranteed sales price of USD 325 per Tola.

Agarwood Prices

Q:  What exact documentation will I receive to document the purchase of my trees?

You will receive the following documents….

  • A purchase & management agreement that will state your exact details, the exact amount of Agarwood trees planted and their exact geographical coordinates and all of Plantations Internationals obligations to you during the 7 year term.
  • A certified Tree Ownership Certificate, stating the exact amount of trees you own and their exact geographical coordinates.

Q: How long can I let my trees grow for?

Your maximum permitted growth term is 15 years but you can request them to be harvested as early as year 7.

Q: Since I can let my trees grow for 15 years, does this increase the quantity of Oud Oil that my trees will produce?

Yes indeed, on average the Oud Oil count in your trees is expected increase at a rate of 10% per year. You are under no obligation to harvest at year 7, you may select to harvest at any time between years 7 to 15.  Please see below table of harvest yields on yearly basis. These are your trees, you are in control.

Q: What kind of scientific team does Plantations International have backing it?

 Plantations International has  collaboration agreement for Agarwood development with Malaysia’s University of Kuala Lumpur,  Institute of Chemical & Bioengineering Technology in Mallaca, Malaysia for the following…

  • To produce AAA Rated Oud Oil for the export markets.
  • To develop the highest quality inoculation and distillation methods that will limit wastage.
  •  To achieve a 100% Agarwood infection rate of all  Trees.
  • To provide Agarwood distillation facilities for local small scale farmers.
  • To share our research with Instiper and local small scale farmers.

Photo Gallery: Research facilities at University of Kuala Lumpur

Q: Where exactly is my plantation located?

Your plantation is located in the province of Chon Buri in Thailand, just an hours drive from Bangkok city center. Bangkok is the world’s #1 most visited city, welcoming over 22 million international visitors per year and has some of the most amazing shopping and attractions you will ever see.

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Q: Can I come to Bangkok visit my plantation? I would really like to see it.

Yes! In fact, once your a client partner of ours, we very highly encourage you to come to Thailand and visit your plantation. Just let us know of your desired visitation dates and we will make complimentary hotel arrangements for you and one guest at one of our luxury partner hotels such as the Hilton, Marriot and Hyatt Regency.

Please Note: All complimentary accommodation is for 2 persons, based on a shared deluxe room basis with a king size or two twin size beds. Also, Since Bangkok is considered a highly sought after tourist destination, many of our clients have requested to extend their stay and make a holiday out of it, if this will be the case for you, please let us know in advance and our reservation team will handle all your extended bookings and you will receive our corporate discount rates at all  our partner hotels.

Q: What if my Agarwood trees are destroyed or do not grow properly?

Firstly, due to the diligence and expertise of the Plantation International forestry management team, this is highly unlikely. To date we have had no instance of this. However, Plantations International guarantees that should any of your trees be damaged, become sick or die due to any of the below, Plantations International will replace them immediately from our own buffer stock, thus Guaranteeing You a 100% Harvest.

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Wild animal damage
  • Cyclone & Hurricane
  • Drought
  • Theft & Vandalism
  • Flooding
  • Pest and disease
  • Hail Damage

In order to mitigate all risk factors, rigorous assessment and due diligence of plantation sites are conducted annually. Each plantation is irrigated, fenced, and has 24 hours a day security and a on duty plantation  manager.

Q: What is Plantations International’s Harvesting fee?

Plantations International will deduct a 20% harvesting fee from your gross proceeds. 

Q: In which currency and in what method will I receive my harvest proceeds?

All harvest proceeds are paid within 30 days of Plantations International selling the harvested product from your trees, by default all harvest proceeds are by bank wire transfer in USD unless you request otherwise.

Q: Why does Plantations International offer plantation ownership opportunities to third parties and not just do it all themselves?

The board of directors of Plantations International has made an economically strategic decision to offer third party plantation ownership opportunities alongside our own tree stocks in order to accelerate our corporate growth and become the recognized market leader in the shortest time frame without incurring bank debt. We currently only offer one third of our Agarwood trees in our third party plantation ownership programme, thus keeping two thirds of our Agarwood trees for our own purposes.

Q: Can I transfer or sell my trees to a third party?

Yes, your trees are your exclusive private property, you may sell them or transfer them to anyone at any time without restrictions. Your trees are part of your estate and can be passed on to whoever you choose, just like your home. 

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