Dear Valued Client,

Please use the below form to submit your annual intercropping payment request. 

Please Read The Below Carefully;

  1. We are currently only paying intercropping fees for Agreements that where created and paid for in the year 2022 and before. Agreements that where created and paid for in 2023 will be paid out in 2024.
  2. Intercropping payments will be made via our foreign exchange transfer agent  WISE.COM.
  3. Please Click Here to visit WISE.COM and open an account if you have not done so already. PLEASE DO NOT submit the below form until your WISE.COM account is fully activated and operational.

********* Your Ownership Details *********

As it appears on your Agreement.
Begins with THT, MKD or THR. If you are submitting more than one agreement number, please separate the agreement numbers with a comma.
The email address associated with your WISE.COM account
You need to activate USD, Euros, GBP or CHF in order to receive payment, afterwards you may transfer out in any currency you choose.
Due to privacy settings, your email visibility in WISE.COM is set to OFF as a default. You need to switch your email visibility to ON or we will not be able to locate you in the WISE.COM system.
Please explain the issue you are experiencing setting up or configuring your WISE.COM account.

Please Note: The base currency for intercropping is USD. Any mistakes or errors on this form are the sole responsibility of the client.