An typographical error has been made on a number of client agreements. The error states that the “Intercropping” payment amount would be USD23.96 per Mango Tree.  This amount is 518% greater than the correct Intercropping amount shown below and equates to over 5.7% per annum and a larger amount than shown on the “Annual Harvest Yields” total on the far-right side of the pricing table on pages 7, 8 & 9 as clearly stated in the Mango Pricing Document.

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Agreement Correction Amount & Explanation

The correct amount is USD4.62 per Mango Tree as shown in the following “Intercropping Proceeds” which is also shown in the sales documents under “Intercropping Proceeds” in the 50 Tree Packages.

Calculation: USD231 / 50 Trees = USD4.62   

As a Gratitude to our Clients who have received this error in their agreement.