Securitized Fixed Annual Returns and Capital Growth USD Green Bond.

Plantations International Securities is very pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in Asia’s first and only fully regulated Organic Musang King Durian Green Bond Offering annualized returns of 9.85%. Returns are paid out either quarterly or annually as per the investors’ preference and are paid out upon subscription.

Key Features

  • Subscription Offering Size
    USD 12,500,000

  • Minimum Investment
    USD 125,000

  • Investment Term
    5-12 Years

  • Average Annual Returns

  • Capital Uplift
    20% paid at maturity

  • Base Currency

  • Redemption (Exit)
    Possible from year 5, Final at Year 12

  • Issuing Entity
    Plantation International Securities SARL (Luxembourg Co. Reg. #1400776)

  • ISIN Number

  • Custodial Bank
    Citibank Europe 

  • Legal Counsel Malaysia
    Tilleke & Gibbons

  • Auditors Malaysia
    MIMI QF Services

  • Auditors Luxembourg
    Audit Conseil Services

  • Bloomberg Numbers
    Ticker ID BV0895987

  • Green Bond Opinion
     Sustainalytics division of U.S. based MORNINGSTAR

Musang King Durian

Six Step Investment Approach

  1. Year 1 – Capital invested into Organic Musang King Durian plantation.
  2. Years 1 to 4 – 4.78% Fixed returns paid quarterly or annually.
  3. Years 5 – Full Exit Possible.
  4. Years 5-10 – 8.88% Fixed returns paid quarterly or annually.
  5. Years 11-12 – 12.88% Fixed returns paid quarterly or annually.
  6. Years 12 – Full exit with 20% Capital Uplift Bonus

Use of Funds Summary

The investment will be made into Malaysia’s first and Only Organic Musang King Durian Plantation which we have set aside 2,500 trees as collateralization for this bond offering. In 2021 our Organic Musang King Durian Plantation fully audited revenue valuation of USD 440,000,000. A copy of the valuation is included in the offering documents.

Note: Plantations International’s green bond has been fully evaluated by the Sustainalytics division of U.S. based MORNINGSTAR and meets all the criteria of their “Green Bond Framework”.  Please enter your details below to receive the full report.

Investment Summary

The investment offers a rate of 4.78% for years 1-4, with the option of an early investor exit at year 5. If the investor does not exercise the year 5 exit option. Years 5-10 rate is 8.88%, Years 11-12 rate is 12.88% and if the investor remains until bond maturity, they will receive a 20% Capital Uplift Bonus upon exit. All durian fruit is grown and harvested exclusively for sale in China. The world’s fastest growing durian market.

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