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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Organic Musang King Durian Plantation Investment Opportunity.

Durian Species: Musang King Durian also known as Mao Shan Wang. 
Total Offering: 600 Trees
Annualized Returns: 19.97%+

Q: Who is Plantations International?

The Plantations International through its fully owned Malaysian subsidiary United Tropical Fruit Sdn. Bhd. specializes in providing sales, marketing and management services for companies growing Musang King Durian on its plantations in Pahang, Malaysia. The Company’s primary focus is on supplying the highly sought after Malaysian Musang King Durian to China, Hong Kong and Singapore, the world’s fastest growing Musang King Durian markets.

With offices, plantations, and representatives across Asia, Europe, and Africa, Plantations International is a multinational plantation and farm management conglomerate whose specialty is in providing sustainable agricultural and forestry “agroforestry” management services for its clients. Plantations International has clients ranging from private individuals to large landholders and institutional investors. We put teamwork, innovation, and our passion for creating “Ethical & Sustainable Capital” at the heart of everything we do. 

Q: Why invest Musang King Durian?

The answer is simple, the Chinese absolutely loves Malaysia’s Musang King Durian and they are willing to pay premium pricings for it. Currently Malaysia only has just over 500,000 actively producing Musang King trees and exports only 5% of its annual Musang King production. This has created an enormous opportunity for Musang King Durian Plantation owners and Investors. To put the market analytics into perspective, it is estimated that China alone can annually consume the production from 12,500,000 trees without affecting current prices. 

Please Watch the Below Video you will see an online auction that was conducted in 2020 where 300,000 Musang King Durian where sold in under one minute for over USD 15,250,000, that’s USD 50.83 per fruit! The weight er fr

Q: Generally speaking, what is the demand for Durian and Durian products?

Durian’s versatility is simply unmatched in the fruit world. No other fruit in the world has as an many varied uses from being used as an ingredient in juices, pastries, hearty dishes such as hamburgers and pizzas, and even in cosmetics.

The demand for raw Durian  (fresh, frozen, paste and pulp) has a global retail value of over 15 USD Billion Annually, with its value expected to conservatively grow to more than 25 USD Billion by 2030. The market is now driven by China’s rapidly increasing demand, with large F&B brands such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nestle and Starbucks all introducing Durian infused products to capture client demand. 

Durian products typically fall into 4 key market segments: Raw Durian Fruit, Desserts, Snacks and Beverages.

  • Raw Durian Fruit is comprised of fresh, frozen and dry durian
  • Dessert products include ice cream, cake, jams and other pastries
  • Snacks include chips, crackers and confections such as candies
  • Beverages include coffee, tea, milk and sodas

The key buyers of Durian include:

  • Global, regional, and local F&B companies that produce their own durian based products from raw durian
  • Durian product manufacturers that sell white label products, and sell to F&B companies
  • Specialized durian fruit stores and stalls
  • Supermarkets & Restaurants
  • Specialized durian traders and durian importers

Click Here to download our full Durian Global Market.

Q: What is the global supply of Musang King Durian?

The demand for the Musang King Durian is continuously rising while the market is facing a growing and chronic supply shortage. As China’s Musang King Durian consumption Musang King increases so will the need for further Musang King supplies. Existing Musang King Durian supply is so low it can only meet 3% of global demand.

Additional supply of Musang King Durian is immediately needed in order to meet rising global demand with Durian Harvests ideally positioned to do so. Currently their are only about 500,000 Musang King Durian trees in all of Malaysia. 

The Malaysian government noticing the lucrative potential of Musang King Durian has responded by making it a key economic focus. For example, Malaysia has created annual durian festivals, promoted domestic durian production and even created an entirely new tourism sector catered towards Durian travel. World renowned hotels including the Shangri-La have all begun offering durian travel and dining packages to meet the incredible rising demand.

Q: What is the purchase price and what minimum harvest returns can I expect?

A 10 Musang King Durian Tree Plantation Ownership Package has a purchase price of just USD 32,800, Harvests occur annually with total net returns of USD 130,252 expected over a full 25 year harvest cycle. This represents an average annual return of 19.86% providing you an average annual income of USD 6,513.

NOTE: The above 19.97% annualized return is based on a minimum guaranteed sales price of 10 USD/KG  with a 0% inflationary increase. 

~ 10 Tree Musang King Durian Plantation Ownership Snapshot

  • Turn $32,870 into 193,2020 – Annual Income of USD 7,728
  • 19.97% Average Annualized Returns. (based on domestic sales only, much higher when exported)
  • 100% Fully Asset-backed! All Musang King Trees are Already Planted and Growing Healthy.
  • 25 years of ownership and annual income.
  • Experienced Management Team with Active Projects in Multiple Countries!
  • Durian purchase agreements with distributors already in place.
  • Harvest Guarantee Insurance provided.
  • Complimentary Inspection Visit Included. Come to Malaysia and see your Durian Plantation!

Q: How can you guarantee that I will receive a minimum of 19.97%?

This is achieved by underwriting the selling price of your Musang King harvest by providing you a 10 USD/KG minimum guarantee sales price for all the durian fruits from your trees. This means if we sell your durian fruit for more than 10 USD/KG (as we plan to), you will receive the highest selling price we achieve. Alternatively, if we sell for below 10 USD/KG, we are contractually obligated to make up the difference to you.

If you couple the above with our harvest guarantee insurance as explained below, you will quickly see how we have gone to great lengths to mitigate all harvest risk factors and ensure our clients a flawless plantation ownership experience.   

Q: What is your primary sales plan for my Durian Fruit?

The primary sales plan is to export your Musang King Durian to Tier 3 China at 20 USD/KG and Tier 1 domestic sales and Tier 2 Singapore sales are our fallback safety net scenario.

Click Here to download our domestic and export pricing analysis report.

Q: Who pays the shipping, customs, and import duties when we export?

Shipping costs are fully included in your 20% harvest fee, customs and import duties are the responsibility of the local importer and/or distribution company. You will receive 80% of the price that we sell your durian fruit at, and you will also receive a copy of the bill of sale for your records.

Q: What is the difference between wholesale price and retail price of Musang King Durian?

Wholesale is the price we sell in bulk to our “distributors”; the distributor receives a heavy discount for purchasing a large quantity of Musang King Durian. The distributors then adds their profit/markup and sells it on the general public on a “retail” basis. A distributor can be anybody from a single person shop to a restaurant to a large supermarket chain.

Also many distributors sign “Forward Purchase Agreements” (FPA) so we and they can lock in wholesale prices for years in advance. The FPA’s are a positive for us/you because they create a steady stream of wholesale buyers for your Musang King Durian for many years to come.

Q: Why is the primary export focus on just Singapore and Hong Kong?

Simply put, we go where we can achieve premium pricing. Hong Kong’s insatiable appetite for Musang King Durian is commanding wholesale prices of  over 15 USD/KGHong Kong based Musang King importers are buying up all available supplies years in advance, not only for local consumption, but also for re-export across the border into mainland China where retail market prices are currently over 120 USD/KG.


Below are retail prices in a popular Hong Kong supermarket as far back as 2017.

Q: How many Kilos does each Musang King fruit weigh? and how many KG’s can I expect on a per tree basis?

Each of your Musang King Durian trees is expected to produce fruit that weigh between 2-3 KG’s. The actual weight however will only be known when harvested as trees are growing living, biological and constantly growing organisms.

Plantations International’s projection is at just 2 KG, in order to be conservative. This means that your returns will be even larger if they they weigh between the expected average range of 2-3 KG. 

Average Weight Range: 2-3 Kg. per fruit
Conservative Projection: 2 Kg. per fruit

Q: This sounds amazing, but how can i verify the demand and the prices of the Musang King on my own?

There are countless of publicly available online sources confirming prices ranging between 25-120 USD/KG. Below are a few for your reference. Please take a few minutes to review them.

Singapore:   Source 1  :  Source 2

Hong Kong:  Source 1  :  Source 2

China:   Source 1  :  Source 2

Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture:  Source 1  :  Source 2

Q:  What exact documentation will I receive to document the purchase of my trees?

You will receive the following documents:

  • A sales agreement that will state your exact details, including the amount of Musang King Durian trees planted and
    their exact geographical coordinates.
  • A management agreement covering all of our obligations to you during the 25 year term.
  • A certified Tree Ownership Certificate, stating the exact amount of trees you own and their exact geographical coordinates.

Q: How long is my harvest term for?

Your harvest term is for maximum of 25 years.

 Q: Will I receive annual proceeds from my durian trees?

Yes, you will receive annual harvest proceeds starting from your first full year of ownership from intercropping all the way up to year 25.

Q: Where exactly are my Musang King Durian trees located?

Your Musang King plantation is located in district of Raub the town of Pahang, Raub is just 110 Km. from the Malaysian Capital of Kuala Lumpur.  According to Wikipedia, Durians grown in Raub are probably the best in Malaysia and Raub is styled as the Durian capital of Malaysia. Click Here to learn more about Raub.

Q: Can I visit my plantation? I would really like to see it.

Yes! In fact, we very highly encourage you to visit your plantation and see your Musang King Durian trees. Just let us know of your desired visitation dates and we will make complimentary hotel arrangements for you and one guest at the Hilton in Kuala Lumpur and arrange for a fully guided plantation inspection.

Q: Do you have any photos of your plantations that I can look at?

Sure do, please Click Here to visit our online plantation photo gallery…

Q:  What if my Musang King Durian trees are destroyed or something happens to them?

Due to the diligence and expertise of our forestry management team, this is highly unlikely. To date, we have had no instance of this. Nonetheless, Plantations International provides all clients “Harvest Guarantee Insurance”  in the form of a contractual replacement warranty. This fully guarantees that should any of your Musang King Durian trees die or become severely damaged due to any of the below noted factors, they will be immediately replaced or replanted at no additional cost to you, ensuring you a 100% harvest. 

• Fire
• Flooding
• Drought
• Lightning Damage
• Hail
• Pests & Disease
• Wild Animal Damage
• Theft & Vandalism

All our Musang King Durian trees are fully covered from the above risk events. Should any of these events occur, all of the impacted trees will be replaced and/or replanted with our buffer stock. In order to mitigate risk factors, rigorous assessment and due diligence of plantation sites are conducted quarterly. Each plantation is irrigated and has 24 hours a day security and an on duty plantation manager.

Q: How do I know how much Durian fruit is produced from my trees?

All plantation management duties are carefully recorded. Each individual tree is QR Coded and has a unique identification number, allowing us to document the trees diameter size throughout its growth cycle. Also, Plantations International carefully records the exact amount and weight of Durian fruit harvested per tree. In addition, each client will receive a harvest statement certified by Plantations International indicating the total amount of harvested Durian fruit and their respective weight.

Q: What is Plantations International’s Harvesting & Management fee?

Our success is tied to yours. Plantations International deducts a 30% harvest and sales fee from your annual gross harvest proceeds (30/70 split). The higher our wholesale selling price the more revenue we both make.  

Q: When and how are my harvest proceeds paid?

All Durian harvest proceeds are paid by the 15th. of December for that current year. By default all harvest proceeds are paid directly into a prepaid Wirex Visa Debit card that the company will help you obtain.  You will be able to safely withdraw your harvest proceeds 24/7 from any ATM in any currency worldwide. Alternatively you may request to be paid by bank wire transfer in your desired currency, the choice is fully yours.

Q: What other Durian related products and services does Plantations International offer?

Plantations International has access to the entire value chain – from planting and managing Musang King Durian plantations in Raub, Malaysia, to the harvesting, sale and marketing of Musang King Durian related products. Plantations International , through its consumer brand “Durian Harvests”, Plantations International also provides white label, also known as private label, products and services to food & beverage companies. This means that third parties can place their own branding and logos on a wide range of Musang King Durian products quickly and cost effectively and sell and market them as their own, under their own brand.

We assist them with reaching their goals by saving them both time and money. Furthermore, we also assist them with the full concept design, product development and distribution of all their Musang King Durian related products. We can cater to both the retail and wholesale market domestically and internationally.

The Durian Harvests retail product range include Musang King Durian ice creams, beverages and snacks. Our wholesale products include Musang King Durian paste and powder which are used by restaurants and F&B companies as ingredient in the production of a variety of products. 

Q: Why are you offering this plantation opportunity to third parties?

Plantations International has decided to integrate clients into its business model in order to expand its Durian plantations at a faster pace. It entails forgoing debt in an effort to grow the number of Musang King Durian trees and Durian fruit it manages, produces and sells exponentially. The larger the plantations the more value generated for the company and its clients.

The Musang King Durian market is primed for significant growth with demand skyrocketing and prices already at record high levels, importers abroad are willing to pay substantial premiums for large scale, consistent high quality supply. The faster the company reaches this scale the better it can position itself as a leading producer and exporter of Musang King Durian from Malaysia.

Q: What is intercropping?

Banana and/or other short-term rotational cash crops planted alongside your Musang King Durian trees (also known as intercropping). This is done in order to provide you with additional revenue starting as early as your first full year of ownership. Plantations International aims to maximize your annual revenue as much as possible and intercropping allows us to use available land for this purpose. Also, polyculture intercropping introduces vital nitrogen to the soil which helps promote the growth of your trees.

Q: Can I transfer or sell my Musang King Durian trees to a third party?

Yes, your trees are your exclusive private property and you may sell or transfer them to anyone at any time without restrictions free of charge.

Q: What happens to my Musang King Durian trees if I die or I become incapacitated?
Your Musang King Durian trees are part of your estate and can be passed on to whoever you choose, just like your home. In the event of death or incapacitation.

Q: All This sounds great, but i have a few questions and I would like to speak to a live person.

Please Click Here to Schedule a free, no obligation call back with one of our client relationship managers.

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