Plantations International through its Malaysian subsidiary “Durian Harvests” are pleased to announce the launch of their Musang King Durian plantation in Johor, Malaysia that is offering over 19.86%+ Average Annual Returns with 20 year annual harvests starting as early as year 2!

If you are not unfamiliar with Asia’s Most Beloved Fruit, I encourage you to look further into this enormous marketplace. This Durian plantation ownership simply cannot missed…!

Please find below information below relating to our Musang King Durian Plantation Ownership, the below will give you a clear understanding of all the benefits, growth rates, market demand, and exit strategies associated with owning your own Musang King Durian plantation.

~ ~ Durian Plantation Ownership Documents & Resources

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Durian Global Market Report for 2018

~ ~ Durian Plantation Ownership Snapshot

  • Turn US$32,800 into US$130,252+
  •  19.86%+ Average Annualized Returns!
  • 20 Year Annual Harvests Averaging over US$6,513+ per annum
  • Musang King Durian prices in China reaching a staggering US$120 per kilogram!
  • Location specific species, the Musang King Durian is ONLY grown in Malaysia
  • Malaysian Durian is the most in demand and expensive fruit in the World
  • Established Exit Market, With Multiple Off-Take Agreements
  • HUGE upside potential! Guaranteed minimum sale price of US$10 per kilo, against market prices ranging from between $25 – $120!

~ ~ What is Durian?

Durian is a fruit known for its thorn covering, unique taste, and distinctive aroma. Considered a delicacy across Asia its appeal has been growing enormously with new Durian based products continuously being developed. Major global companies such as Nestle, KFC, McDonalds and Starbucks have all released Durian products to capture this growing market. Demand for Durian has been rising substantially with global trade in value growing 26% Annually between 2010-2018.

~ ~ Introducing the Musang King Durian

Malaysia’s Musang King Durian variety, also known as Mao Shan Wang or D197. It is the most sought after and expensive Durian variety due to its creamy texture and delicious bitter-sweet flavour. Demand for Musang King is so immense that it has resulted in a unique opportunity for Musang King Durian plantation owners. Musang King Durian prices have recently begun skyrocketing due to low supply and rapidly rising demand from China. These factors combined have resulted in prices reaching over 25 USD/KG in Singapore to a staggering 120 USD/KG in China.

~ ~ Durian Plantation Ownership Packages in USD (Calculated at only USD 10 per Kg.)

Please Note: Durian Harvests offers you a minimum guaranteed minimum sale of USD 10 per Kg., which equates to a minimum annualized return of 19.86% per annum. Musang King Durian market prices range between USD 25–120 per Kg. At harvest time you will receive the market price if it is higher than the minimum guarantee price. The above also does not take into account any inflationary price increases.

** This offer is strictly on a first come, first serve basis! Out of the 11,800 Musang King trees Durian Harvests has planned, only 500 are going out for retail sale, the remainder 11,300 trees will remain exclusively as private company stock and will not be offered.

~ ~ Musang King Durian market prices, and how are the returns calculated?

Below are realistic scenarios you can achieve in the years to come from owning your own fully managed Musang King plantation in Malaysia. The Durian Harvests business model is purely export based and largely aimed at the highly lucrative markets of Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. Please see our FAQ for more specific details.

(The below is based on a 10 tree packages retailing for USD 32,800)

The Reservation Process

To reserve your Musang King Durian plantation, please contact us with the following information, whilst also indicating a suitable time to speak to you for compliance purposes.

1. Required amount of Musang King trees
2. Full Name
3. Address
4. Telephone Number(s)
5. Email

Following a scheduled conversation with a member of our team, you will receive your plantation purchase agreement, your land lease and management agreements within 48 hours.

Best Regards,

Durian Harvests
Plantations International