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Plantations International is a multinational agroforestry asset management company whose specialty is providing sustainable, fully managed, and asset-backed agroforestry ownership opportunities to its clients. We are looking to further expand our successful team of international introducers.

Non-Correlated and Inflation Resilient Agroforestry Assets

For family offices, independent advisors, wealth managers, and any other financial planners who help their clients understand and access alternative asset classes, Plantations International is an ideal place to find offerings in the agroforestry sector. Persistently record-high inflation coupled with hyper volatility in the equity markets makes Agroforestry the ideal asset class to offer your clients as it provides safe, inflation resilient diversification within the ever growing agroforestry sector.

Institutions such as pension funds and university endowments have long favored agroforestry as an asset class for is diversification benefits, but until recently, these products have been challenging for private individual to access. Plantations International allows your clients to access established agroforestry assets and products which greatly enhance their medium term holdings and mitigate portfolio risk.

If you have a network of clients and would like to offer them fully established, income-producing agroforestry opportunities, then contact us today to see how we can work together.

Current Agroforestry Offerings;

Musang King Durian


Offering: Organic Musang King Durian
Location: Malaysia
Valuation: USD 440,114,454



Offering: Mangoes 
Location: Thailand
Valuation: USD 112,213,867

Agarwood Chips & Oil


Offering: Agarwood (Oil & Chips)
Location: Thailand
Valuation: USD 158,678,364

Participation Structure Options;

  • Outright ownership of physical assets with full harvest and management agreement.
  • Securitized asset-backed green bonds from Plantations International Securities in Luxembourg.
  • Private placement share subscription, with Plantations International USA (USA Clients Only).

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We Require:

  • You must be verifiably highly ethical and professional!
  • You have an established network of contacts or clients (banking, insurance, financial services, real estate, or similar).
  • Introductions to prospective clients – we take care of everything for you post introduction, including a free inspection visit for your clients to see our plantations, offices, research and development centres, and our production and export facilities.

We Offer:

  • 100% asset-backed sustainable agroforestry ownership opportunities.
  • Fully audited revenue valuations. 
  • Free Inspection visit for you and your clients to come see our plantations.
  • Full training provided.
  • Multilingual back office support.
  • Established, mature and tangible agroforestry assets that your clients will find very appealing.
  • Everything needed to succeed!

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