Camelina Sativa Seed Production

Plantations International is specialized in providing professional services for the development of Camelina plantations in Europe and Asia. Plantations International is heavily invested Camelina Sativa seed production in  Yogyakarta Indonesia. Building on our achievements in Indonesia and our professional services in Europe and the Middle East we are set for expansion throughout Asia in 2017 to meet the growing demand for Bio-Fuels in Aviation, animal feed “Camelina meal” for cattle, poultry or swine. Medical research indicates a diet abundant in omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial to human health.


Camelina sativa – an oilseed flowering plant native to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia – is known by many names: gold-of-pleasure, false flax, wild flax and German sesame. Cultivated as far back as the Bronze Age for its oils.

Camelina seeds produce a golden-colored oil with a delicate, almond-like flavor, containing up to 45 percent of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In addition to valuable omega-3s, it is uniquely rich in powerful antioxidants, primarily tocopherols. At 110mg/100g, its vitamin E (tocopherol) content is among the highest of all natural tocopherol sources.

The oil is highly monounsaturated, naturally supplying more than 30 percent of stable monounsaturated (oleic and gadoleic) fatty acids. This significant proportion of monounsaturated (monounsaturated olive oil forms the basis of the healthy Mediterranean diet) further enhances the oxidative stability of Camelina oil and makes it a more versatile cooking oil.