Conservation Mantra

Plantations International aims to maintain the highest level of conservation and environmental protection of the eco-system, safeguarding and enriching areas of natural and indigenous forest to protect flora and fauna and promote bio-diversity. This concept of sustainable forest management ensures a corporate contribution to the country, its people and our future as well as maximizing the Company’s carbon sequestration. contribution, helping to combat global warming. Our environmental management objectives are:


Whilst Plantations International is primarily a commercial timber operation, we believe strongly in the conservation and regeneration of indigenous flora, fauna and habitats. The Company therefore aims to ensure that environmentally sensitive areas, such as those along the edge of rivers and wildlife corridors are planted with indigenous tree species and those habitats encouraged to regenerate.

Environmental Sustainability

Plantations International projects follow ecological and environmental principles, working closely with national environmental regulatory bodies. As Plantations International relies so directly on the productivity of the land, it ensures its land is used wisely and maintained for use of generations to come.

Sustainability Benchmarks

In recent years, consumers of timber have become increasingly aware of the environmental and economic consequences of illegal logging and unsustainable forestry practices. Voluntary initiatives to source legal, sustainable timber have become established.

The leading example of voluntary accreditation schemes is that run by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Established in 1993, the FSC certification system provides an internationally recognised, credible link between responsible production and consumption of timber.

Plantations International operates to Forest Stewardship Council standards, ensuring the plantations are managed to strict environmental and social criteria ensuring:
Plantations International Social Criteria
Demonstrated and uncontested, clearly defined, long-term land tenure and use rights;
Recognition and respect of indigenous peoples’ rights;
Maintenance or enhancement of long-term social and economic well-being of forest workers and
local communities and respect of worker’s rights in compliance with labour conventions;
Equitable use and sharing of benefits derived from the forest;
Reduction of environmental impact of logging activities and maintenance of the ecological functions
and integrity of the forest;
Appropriate and continuously updated management plan;
Appropriate monitoring and assessment activities to assess the condition of the forest, management
activities and their social and environmental impacts;
Maintenance of High Conservation Value Forests defined as environmental and social values that
are considered to be of outstanding significance or critical importance