Securitized Fixed Annual Returns and Capital Growth Green Bond.

Plantations International Securities is very pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in its fully collateralized Green Bond Offering with annualized returns of 9.26%. All dividends are paid out quarterly  upon subscription.

Key Features

  • Subscription Offering Size
    Euros 10,000,000

  • Minimum Investment
    Euros 100,000

  • Investment Term
    3-8 Years

  • Average Annual Returns

  • Capital Uplift Bonus
    10% paid at maturity

  • Base Currency

  • Redemption (Exit)
    Possible from year 3, Final at Year 8

  • Issuing Entity
    Plantation International Securities SARL (Luxembourg Co. Reg. #1400776)


  • Custodial Bank
    Citibank Europe 

  • Legal Counsel Thailand
    MDG Legal Services Co. Limited

  • Auditors Thailand
    BDO Audit Company Limited

  • Auditors Luxembourg
    Audit Conseil Services

  • Bloomberg Numbers
    Ticker ID BV0895987

  • Green Bond Opinion
     Sustainalytics division of U.S. based MORNINGSTAR


Five Step Investment Approach

  1. Year 1 – Capital invested into Mango plantation.
  2. Years 1 to 3 – 6.58% Fixed returns paid quarterly or annually.
  3. Years 3 – Full Exit Possible.
  4. Years 4-8 – 8.87% Fixed returns paid quarterly or annually.
  5. Years 8 – Full exit with 10% Capital Uplift Bonus

Use of Funds Summary

The investment will be made into our Mango plantations in Thailand which we have set aside 14,000 mango trees as collateralization for this bond offering. In 2021 our Mango plantations have received a fully audited revenue valuation of USD 112,000,000. A copy of the valuation is included in the offering documents.

Plantations International’s green mango bond has been fully evaluated by the Sustainalytics division of U.S. based MORNINGSTAR and meets all the criteria of their “Green Bond Framework”. Please enter your details below to receive the full report.

Investment Summary

The investment offers a rate of 6.58% for years 1-3, with the option of an early investor exit at year 3. If the investor does not exercise the year 3 exit option. Years 4-8 rate is 8.87%, and if the investor remains until bond maturity, they will receive a 10% Capital Uplift Bonus upon exit. 

Q: Who is Plantations International?

With offices, plantations, and representatives across Asia, Europe, and Africa, Plantations International is a multinational plantation and farm management company that specializes in providing sustainable, income-producing agroforestry assets for its clients. Plantations International has clients ranging from private individuals to large landholders and corporate investors. We put teamwork, innovation, and our passion for creating “Ethical & Sustainable Capital” at the heart of everything we do. 

Q; Why invest in Agriculture as an asset class?

Agriculture as an asset class is known as a “safe haven” investment destination for a number of reasons. Over the last 50 years, agriculture as an asset class has historically outperformed most stocks, bonds, and especially fixed bank deposits.  Quick to mature, permanently in high demand, and always profitable, agriculture is one of the safest and secure ways to hedge your portfolio against market volatility and especially inflation. No matter what happens in the world, people will always need food.

Between 2015 and 2020 the asset size of investments specializing in food and agriculture jumped from $24b to $73b, an increase of 25% p.a. Between 1972 and 2016 as an asset class Farmland outperformed the S&P 500 on an annual average return by close to 4%.  10.23% vs 6.86%. Click Here to learn about agriculture as an asset class.

Please watch the below video, it will give you an overview of the Plantations International Group of companies.

Q: What is the demand for Mangoes and Mango Products?

Mangoes are one of the most consumed fruits in the world, with approximately 45 million metric tons consumed every year. To put this figure into perspective, five times more mangoes are consumed than strawberries.

Global demand for high-quality mangoes is rapidly increasing as consumers in non-mango-producing regions become more familiar with them. Also, large brands such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snapple, and Tropicana have all recently begun manufacturing mango-based products to meet rising consumer demand.

The mango export industry is still considered at its infancy with export markets still in development. Export trade volumes have thus far been limited due to a lack of supply availability all around the world. Since 2015 Mango imports have risen tremendously in the markets of Eastern Europe, North Africa, East Asia, and Europe.

Mango products typically fall into 4 key market segments: Fresh Mango Fruit, Desserts, Snacks, and Beverages.

  • Fresh mango fruit is comprised of fresh Mangoes as typically sold in supermarkets.
  • Dessert products include ice cream, cake, jams, and other pastries.
  • Snacks include chips, crackers, and confections such as candies.
  • Beverages include juices and sodas.

The key buyers of Mangoes include:

  • Global, regional, and local F&B companies that produce their own mango-based products.
  • Mango product manufacturers selling white label products to F&B companies.
  • Specialized mango fruit stores and stalls.
  • Supermarkets & restaurants.
  • Specialized mango traders and mango importers.

Q: What is the Nam Dok Mai Mango from Thailand?

Nam Dok Mai in Thai means water of the flower. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most exceptional and sought-after mango varieties in the World, both in appearance and taste. Eaten ripe, the skin is yellow to golden in color. The flesh is smooth, silky and unlike other mangoes, is not fibrous. Extremely juicy with a sweet and unique aromatic flavor, the Nam Dok Mai is the epitome of all mangoes. The fruit can be eaten fresh and is also ideal for adding to fruit salads, warm dishes, desserts, and smoothies.

The Nam Dok Mai is the most popular mango variety in Thailand that is grown commercially. The tree is medium-sized and can reach heights of over six meters. It is an early/midseason mango variety with the ability for multiple harvests in a year. Each mango fruit weighs in at approximately 400 grams.

Q: What is current projected revenue value of your Thailand plantations?

As of November 1, 2021, the combined projected revenue value of our Thailand plantations are USD 274,754,049.  of which mangoes account for USD 112,213,867. And have a projected total free cash flow (FCFF) of USD 185,012,843 from 2021 to 2036. The valuation report was prepared by Mazars, one of the world’s leading accounting and auditing firms. 

Q: How is your Green Bond inflation proof?

Should the United Nations FAO Food Price Index increase by more than 75% at the bonds maturity date, an additional payment will be made at a rate of 50% of the increase above the 75% increase level.  Click Here to learn more about the FAO Food Price Index .

Q: What are the underlying assets of the Green Bond?

The underlying assets of our Green Bond are the physical and already planted 14,000 “Nam Dok Mai” Mango Trees at our plantations in Thailand.

Q:  What if  the 14,000 trees are destroyed or something happens to them?

Plantations International will immediately replace them from its own mango tree stocks. To mitigate risk, Plantations International is currently growing mangoes in three very geographically diverse locations in Thailand.

Q: Who has reviewed and certified your bond as Green?

Sustainalytics, a division of U.S based Morningstar is of the opinion that the Plantations International Secured Collateral Green Bond framework is credible and impactful and aligns with the four core components of the green bond principles 2021.

Q: What’s the difference between a Green Bond and a regular bond?

The main difference between green bonds and traditional bonds is that the issuer publicly states how it will use the proceeds to fund sustainable projects, allowing the bond to be marketed to investors as green.

Q: How are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid directly on a quarterly basis from CITIBANK EUROPE PLC.

Q: What platforms is the Green Bond available on? 

Currently the bond is available via Capital International Group, SwissQuote, Custodian Life, Bond Partners Custodian Life and directly through us as a direct purchase.

Q: What does fully collateralized mean?

Collateralization is the use of a valuable asset as collateral to secure a loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender may seize and sell the asset to offset their loss. For lenders, the collateralization of assets provides a level of reassurance against default.

Q: What is the Plantations International Advantage?

The main advantage we have over other mango exporters is by far our size, network of interrelated companies, and our global footprint. For example, in Malaysia, we own Kuala Lumpur-based United Tropical Fruit Sdn. Bhd. (UTF). For the purpose of our Thailand mango projects, UTF functions as our main import agency and distributor in Malaysia, thus giving us the capability of cutting out the middlemen and being able to control the entire distribution chain all the way to consumer retail sales.

 Q: Is it possible to visit your Mango plantations in Thailand?

Yes! In fact, once you’re an investor of ours, we highly encourage you to come to Thailand and visit our operations. Just let us know of your desired visitation dates and we will make complimentary hotel arrangements for you and one guest at one of our luxury partner hotels, such as the Marriott or Hilton in Bangkok.


Please Note: All complimentary accommodation is for 3 days and 2 nights for 2 persons, based on a shared deluxe room basis with a king-size or two twin-size beds. 

Q: Do you have any photos of your plantations that I can look at?

Yes we do, please Click Here to visit our plantation photo galleries.

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