Scientists in India Invent Sugar Free Mangoes

Sugar Free Mangoes The mango is India's most popular fruit, but due to its high sugar content, diabetics are unable to eat it and unfortunately, India has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world. But scientists are now trying to create a new form of sugar-less mango which will be safe for everyone. The mango variety chosen for the experiment is the Vanraj variety. Researchers at the Maharana Pratap University for Agriculture and Technology (MPUAT) are making an effort to develop a mango with less glucose content. ”We have a collection of germplasms of many mango varieties and [...]

Plantations international to Start Fly Freighting Mangoes From Pakistan

Plantations International is considering to start using Emirates or Etihad Airlines for the transportation of mangoes from Multan to Gulf states and European countries in November 2016, said Jamal Alfazi, Vice President of Commercial Operation Centre of Plantations International in Pakistan while talking to the members of Executive Committee of Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) chaired by Mian Iqbal Hassan President of the chamber. Alfazi has said that Emirates would launch services to the ancient city of Multan, its sixth destination in Pakistan with effect from August 1st, 2016. Emirates has operated four weekly flights with an Airbus A330-200 aircraft [...]

Plantations International Global Mango Market

The Global Mango Market Mangoes are grown and consumed worldwide. Costa Rica hopes to take advantage of an early end of the Peruvian season. Mexico's production is about to arrive. In general, the figures for many countries in Latin America are lower than last season. On the other side of the ocean, Australia sees more international demand for the country's mangoes. Also, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh are optimistic. For these countries, the Middle East, among other destinations, is a key market. Kenya is also making progress and exporting to more countries. Israel is trying to gain a firm foothold in Europe, [...]

Plantations International Alphonso Mango

ALPHONSO, THE king of mango varieties, does well under organic farming conditions and its full potential should be exploited by the small and marginal farmers . An authority on Alphonso mango cultivation, Plantations International is a pioneer in establishing the largest `Rumani’ Alphonso orchard in Kanchipuram district at `J-Farm’, Kelambakkam, Mr. Nagarajan has successfully demonstrated the promises held out by the superior mango variety `Alphonso’. “After working with `Rumani’ variety in the last thirty five years, I shifted my focus to `Alphonso’ variety in 1998, and it has done exceedingly well in the farm. It responded favourably to drip irrigation and organic [...]