Airport upgrades in Tanzania Increase Fresh Produce Exports

Storage facilities at the Julius Nyerere International Airport have been upgraded in a move meant to bolster Tanzania’s fresh produce exports as international demand burgeons. The move was also meant to abide by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) that requires clear separation of the import and export cargo terminals. The expansion that was spearheaded by Swissport Tanzania is one of the many expansions that the airport authorities are looking at to increase growing demand for meat, fish and horticultural produce. “The export cold-room facility has been modified whereby the new arrangement will now allow scanning /screening directly into the acceptance [...]

Algenol to produce biofuels and decrease CO2 exhausts in China

Plantations International News US-based Algenol has actually executed a memorandum of comprehending MOU South China's Fujian Zhongyuan New Power Firm (ZYNE) to create tasks throughout Southern China, using carbon exhausts to create eco-friendly energies. The goal of the 2 companies' participation is to give solutions for accessing clean air, cleaning water, and also providing sustainable gases, the 3 major obstacle China is encountering today. Under the structure of the US-- China Environment Change Working Team, there is a global effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Algenol's trademarked Direct to Ethanol innovation process utilises industrial CO2 exhausts straight from power plants as [...]

Nigeria to produce bioethanol from cassava

Plantations International News The Nigerian Cassava Growers’ Association (NCGA) has partnered with the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF), an international private infrastructure financier, to set up a bioethanol plant, according to the News Agency of Nigeria. National president of NCGA Segun Adewumi says the plant, which is to use cassava as feedstock, will also serve as a bioenergy and power generation plant for ten states of the West African federal republic. ‘NCGA is planning to establish ethanol factories across the nation that will produce millions of litres of ethanol in a year. We are focusing on ten states and the requirement [...]