Organic vs. Natural – What You Need To Know!

The difference between Organic and Natural is as vast as the difference between a cat and a car. All of us want to eat as healthy as possible, but the advertising industry has been deliberately and un-ethically using the word "Natural" to describe its processed foods for some time, below Plantations International tries to shed some light on the topic for you. What is Organic? Organic is a legally defined system of agriculture which seeks to use ecological methods of production. Its goal is to learn from and mimic natural processes in order to produce the food we eat while also [...]

New Russian Ban Spells Big Troubles for Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Russian Fruit and Vegetable Ban The most recent Russian ban on fruit and vegetable imports from Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina are putting growers in a dire situation. Despite the ban only being in place for the last few days, producers are already struggling to keep their heads above water. This is especially true for the country's largest producers. According to the Plantations International research team the domestic market is saturated, as refrigerators and available packaging is rapidly filling up, with no where for the products to go. Emergency exports to neighbouring countries are also not an option because [...]

Global Broccoli and Cauliflower Market

Global Broccoli and Cauliflower Market China According Plantations International estimates China's domestic production is estimated to account for about 45% of the total global production. Most of this is intended for the domestic market. There are also some exports, which have recorded a slight increase. The post-harvest techniques have been improved and investments have also been made in the cold chain. China wishes to present itself internationally with this product. In fact, a 'Broccoli Demonstration Zone' has recently opened in the Zhejiang Province. The current price stands at around 1.35 dollars per kilo. In January and February, it was extremely cold [...]