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Three unrelated problems were fixed by one straightforward remedy designed by Logistics Civil Augmentation Program IV contract companion Fluor to convert utilized cooking oil right into biodiesel to aid power solid waste burners at Bagram Air Area in Afghanistan.

The troubles of eco liable disposal of utilized cooking oil, powering strong waste burners and giving stewardship of taxpayer bucks were dealt with when the contactor proposed a biodiesel process to Defense Agreement Administration Agency in March 2015 and processed the first 100-gallon set Might 3.

“Bagram produces approximately 186 gallons of used cooking oil every day,” stated Christopher Waechter, Fluor country ecological manager. “We selected a turnkey biodiesel processing system [The BioPro 380EX and SpringPro T76 from Springboard Biodiesel] for simplicity of use … by neighborhood national workers.”

Waechter claimed the effort was recommended as a cost avoidance procedure with a three-week roi. The total cost evasion is predicted to be as high as $ 750,000 annually.

Given that Fluor supplies Harmful waste handling for Forward Operating Bases Dahlke and Fenty, they have the ability to deliver utilized cooking oil from those places, he claimed.

In addition to the price savings, the procedure has actually the added advantages of eliminating used cooking oil from the waste stream and increasing the capability of the regional nationwide workers while allowing them to operate in a safer work area.Using biodiesel

to fuel the burners is likewise a much more secure choice compared to typical techniques according to Waechter.

“Biodiesel is both biodegradable and nonflammable,” Fluor Health, Safety and Environmental Supervisor Peter Provost stated. “JP8 has a flashpoint of 98 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the biodiesel has a flashpoint of 300 F so we have actually enhanced our security envelope by even more compared to 3 times. Whenever you can attain that type of a percentage renovation, [it’s] a great point.”

“As the North Afghanistan Efficiency Specialist, Fluor is a vital participant of Group LOGCAP. This program is only one of many examples where they soar above the degree of requirement. LOGCAP is suggested to be a Force Multiplier for the warfighter, however the food preparation oil to biodiesel program also profits the country of Afghanistan as well as the American taxpayer.”

By turning countless gallons of waste into eco aware energy, the LOGCAP team is additionally significantly lowering the project’s environmental influence.

“Prior to this approach, we would certainly been paying a professional ahead and also transport the utilized food preparation oil to an off-site wastewater treatment plant for disposal,” Waechter stated. “Now as opposed to adding all that additional waste to a currently ill-used system, we have the ability to refine it right below on base as well as transform it into something multiple-use. Ecologically speaking, we’re light years in advance of where we were.”

Waechter said the used cooking oil to biodiesel program has actually transformed 25,866 gallons of utilized cooking oil right into 26,659 gallons of biodiesel with a cost financial savings of $ 207,397.04. Waechter stated the addition of methanol and a tiny amount of potassium hydroxide make up the result surpassing the quantity of cooking oil processed.This effort

is paired with an existing program that reclaims made use of electric motor oil as well as various other fuel for usage in the burners. That program remains in its sixth year as well as has recognized total cost savings of $ 7.1 million while drawing away 7,740 barrels of made use of fuel from the waste stream.

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