Plantations International Carbon Neutral Agriculture

Plantations International outlines its roadmap in achieving Carbon Neutral Agriculture (CNA) on its mango plantations across Thailand. This accomplishment is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. With close to 100,000 mango trees planted across its various plantations, Plantations International has not only created a thriving agricultural enterprise by being one of the largest mango producers in Thailand, but also established a powerful carbon sink that contributes significantly to its ultimate net zero emissions goal. The Role of Mango Trees in Carbon Sequestration Plantations International's mango plantations act as significant carbon sinks and play a pivotal role [...]

Mango Prices in the U.S. Hit Unprecedented Levels

The U.S. relies on mango imports primarily from South America during the winter months. Mango production in Peru and Ecuador has been significantly impacted by the El Niño phenomenon, which led to elevated temperatures during the critical flowering stage and thereby exerted a detrimental effect on overall yields. A compounding factor exacerbating the challenges faced by the Peruvian mango industry is the decline in production within the Áncash region which has caused significant economic losses within the sector, as reported by the Service for Comprehensive Rural Development (Sedir). Furthermore, the escalation in cultivation input costs, soaring by 200%, has added an [...]

The Future of Agricultural Robotics: How Meraque’s RACE AGV is Paving the Way for Automation in Malaysia

The global agriculture industry stands on the precipice of a technological revolution. Robotics and artificial intelligence are poised to transform age-old farming practices, ushering in a new era of enhanced productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. At the forefront of this change is Meraque, a Malaysian robotics solutions company that has introduced an innovative autonomous ground vehicle (AGV) named RACE (Robotic Agro in Complex Environment) designed specifically for agricultural settings. The Challenges of Agriculture and the Promise of Robotics Agriculture has always involved grueling manual labor. Farm work often relies on imprecise, inefficient techniques that have been passed down for generations. The [...]

The Future of Farming: How AI and Robots Are Revolutionizing Agriculture

The Future of Farming Farming is one of humankind’s oldest professions, but in recent years it has started undergoing a high-tech transformation. As countries around the world face labor shortages and climate change, many farmers are turning to AI and robots to help plant, nurture, and harvest crops. This technology promises to make agriculture more efficient, productive, and sustainable. The Rise of AI Farming In Japan, AI and robotics are quickly being adopted on farms and in greenhouses. The Takamiya No Aisai farm recently started leasing a robot developed by startup Agrist to harvest its cucumber crop. The robot uses [...]

Ukrainian dam which was crucial to agriculture was destroyed.

In Ukraine there is a rumor it is the Russian army blew up one of the dams during the evening of June 5-6. Based on EastFruit analyst, the bursting of the dam at Kakhovska hydroelectric power station Kakhovska hydroelectric power station not only an environmental, but humanitarian catastrophe, which will result in flooding of huge regions and towns but also will affect the security of food. The water that was pumped through this irrigation system allowed to cultivate up to 80 percent of the total vegetables that are grown in Ukraine as well as a substantial amount of both grapes and [...]

The fresh tomato harvest in Mexico for 2023 is estimated is 3.87 million tons of metric tonnes

If the conditions are normal in open-field and shade house cultivation and the continuation of utilization of greenhouse technologies and greenhouse technology use, the USDA predicts that Mexico's 2023 fresh tomato production to be 3.87 million metric tonnes (MMT) that is just a tiny rise over the government of Mexico's (GOM) officially announced 2022 production estimation of 3.8 MMT. Despite the harsh weather in the major areas of production to date, Mexican tomato production has been unaffected. Sinaloa remains the largest producer of tomatoes in Mexico's state, accounting for over 22 percent of the total production. It is followed by San [...]

China sends fresh air in the South African pear industry

The beginning of the topfruit season was not a good sign, but even if it went as badly as it began, it might be preparing for a strong performance to South African pears. The marketing of the earlier Williams or BC harvest was a challenge and involved Packhams that were harvested in the previous year are still in stock. It's not uncommon, according to the exporter of pear, who would prefer not be identified, and is possible to manage in the event that two types are shipped to different locations. "Packham is always an upper level than a BC however, we [...]