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German biodiesel exports from January through November 2015 were down virtually a quarter from the exact same duration in 2014. This is revealed by German Federal Statistical Office international profession figures. A decent 90 percent of exports went to EU member states.

According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI), the sharp decrease in biodiesel exports was very first and also leading based upon a huge decline in shipments to the Netherlands, France and Poland. Need from the Netherlands alone was down around 42 percent on the same period the previous year. Orders from Poland plummeted by 38 percent. Exports to France slumped by 26 percent, permitting the nation to barely keep its second position. Austria took third location, as exports there increased by just under one-fifth. By comparison, the volume of exports to the Czech Republic and Sweden went up substantially from the very same duration the previous year. German biodiesel exports to the Czech Republic were the highest ever before, rising virtually 80 percent to a total amount of 111,000 loads (roughly 33.3 million gallons).

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