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When you change your reasoning (pikiran) You change your ideas (keyakinan diri) When you change your beliefs You alter your assumptions (harapan) When you change your assumptions You change your mindset (sikap) When you alter your mindset You transform your behavior (tingkah laku) When you transform your habits You change your efficiency (kinerja) When you change your performance You change your destiny (nasib) When you change your fate You change your life (hidup). 1Q6D3lu Youth in Landscapes workshop– Day 4 Adjustment! Is the word that has actually to be considered, as well as I believe that having the chance to visit Paris, discovering and also dealing with a diverse group of youths from around

Youth in Landscapes workshop - Day 4
the globe; with various backgrounds, societies as well as perspectives

on landscape, is part of positive modification. I do truly value the board of Youth in Landscape Campaign which bravely took an initiative making a change, as well as did so willingly. Once more, they are young individuals that bravely took an effort, to make a change.Yes, the first thing I obtained from this event is:”Young people, Do n’t be terrified to take an initiative. Do not be terrified to make a modification “. The 2nd thing is”Ora ono gegayuan tan mowo pangorbanan, lan ora ono pangorbanan kang ilang muspro(Javanese language) “, indicating “there is no desire without a sacrifice, and also there is no sacrifice that worthless.”I believe that the board, the individuals, advisors’, etc provided their power, time and also so on to take a campaign, gave their contribution in landscape obstacles(education and learning, landscape remediation, determining success, financing and trade and alsoright and tenure ), as well as we individuals functioned and learnt with each other to produce a remedy to landscape obstacles. What we do today, the sacrifice will not be worthless, as a result of our belief in our desire, due to the fact that we believe that what we do today will certainly be very helpful, helpful, provide positive effect and also important for the future. 4 Daysexpanding with each other In

a 4 days workshop from December 1-4, 2015 the participants discovered ways to build their abilities as well as viewpoints with each other rather than doing it independently while leading to an option for their landscape challenge asgroup. 2 declarations that I will consistently bear in mind are:”Be comfy in the unpleasant area” as well as”You don’t need to be excellent but incredible”. For me, it was extremely tough to produce an option to landscape difficulty with a time limit. But along with my group, our teamed believe that we might do it! I remained in the education and learning group which needed to create a concept of instructional platform that will certainly gear up professionals of different land usage markets to come to be landscape experts through a self -assessment device. Individuals I was collaborating with in education challenge are one of the most amazing and remarkable young people I ever met. The diversity of people, backgrounds, skills as well as encounter was

really valuable while producing

the suggestion. In addition to that, when an individual felt worn out, the other employee as well as the committee gave them assistance. I call it growing together in the variety!.?.!! Pitching process Your purpose, the method you interact it, it needs to be clear, affordable and also feasible!I cannot count how lots of times my friends practiced and exercised for throwing. Although I didn’t get involved straight in lending a hand front of the dragons, I think accompanying and providing our pitchers some ideas was a type of payment. That day was incredible. I was so delighted, when people were ended up being so excited and also curious about our concept, our work. That is the most attractive part aside from the process itself. Yes! there is no desire without a sacrifice, and there is no sacrifice that is meaningless. So, do your finest in each point you do!GLFCOP21 Young people in Landscapes’Dragons DenYoung development experts and students could possibly pitch options to worldwide landscape challenges to a panel of specialists in a Dragon’s Den Design Occasion. © Andrew Wheeler for Wild Dog Limited/ WLE_CGIAR 2015 all legal rights reserved worldwide.Feedback-Impact-and Expectation The inquiry you may always listen to

being asked after one comes back from someplace as a delegate is the positive aspect of an event and also how it will give an impact to people around you. For me, my self I do really wish to provide my payment to the others when possible. Yet I assume it does not have to be something hard and also huge. If I intend to go a thousand miles I believe I have to start with my initial step. So discussing my experience with others will be my very firststep to go a thousand miles in the future. I wish: To discuss that landscape, its parts are attaching, its link will certainly provide

an impact To discuss that landscape is not a setting just, but it’s likewise a socializing To

share that how crucial to #ThinkLandscape * Allow’s be a change as well as make a change for the world to alter, let’s begin to #ThinkLandscape Novia Fadhilla Sari is just one of the 10 young champs who will work with the”Education and learning”Landscape challenge with Young people program’s companion: Wageningen UR. Learn mor e about the International Landscapes Discussion forum Young people program, fulfill our 50 young people champions, find the 5 Landscapes obstacles they occupied and also the options they created as well as pitched at the Dragon’s Den on Sixth December 2015, in Paris. Plantations International