Plantations International is very pleased to announce the launch of Phase 3 of  its mango planation in kk, Thailand. To commemorate this auspicious event, we are offering 200 Mango trees at 5% discount with a guaranteed selling price of 3 USD/KG. This offer is truly an amazing offer, that guarantees you 25 years of annual passive income

long standing client of ours urgently requires to sell some of his Mango trees in order to free up his liquidity due to unforeseen personal family commitments. The client wishes to release 200 trees that he acquired at our Kanchanaburi, Thailand planation in early 2023 at the pre-launch price of USD 118,575 (USD 592.88 per tree), which is a 15% discount  from our current price of USD 697.50 per tree.

Due to a very pressing personal deadline, the client wishes to offer up his 200 tree position for exactly what he paid for it based on an immediate financial settlement. Naturally, a single 200 tree transaction is preferred, but the client has agreed to release fractional 100, 50 and 25 tree packages.

Below is a breakdown of the available packages:

Since your entry-level price is now discounted by 5%, your annualized returns are now 27.74%.
The trees are in the ground and growing healthy.
(C) The minimum guaranteed sales price has been increased to 3 USD/KG,  from the standard 2 USD/KG.
(D) Plantation tree count has been fully audited by BDO. (Click Here to view BDO Report)

The table below is an example of a 50 tree package at 3 USD/KG with a very conservative 1% inflation factored in. Currently global food inflation is running at over 4%.  If we used the real-time current inflation number, your annualized returns would be nearly double!

~ Mango Plantation Investment Snapshot

  • 27.74%+ Average Annualized Returns. (based on domestic sales only, much higher when exported)
  • 100% Fully Asset-backed! All trees are already planted and growing healthy.
  • 25 years of ownership and annual income.
  • Experienced management team with active projects in multiple countries!
  • Mango purchase agreements with distributors are already in place.
  • Harvest Guarantee Insurance provided.
  • Complimentary inspection visit included. Come to Thailand and see your mango plantation! Click Here to watch a recent client inspection visit.

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Q: OK, I am interested! How do I acquire these trees?

The tree acquisition process is easy and straight forward, please use the below form to to get started. You will receive your management agreement and ownership documents within 24 hours by email and the hard copies will be dispatched to you via DHL.

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