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Mercedes-Benz Trucks authorized the immediate use of hydrotreated grease (HVO), additionally described as renewable diesel in the United States, for its in-line six-cylinder engine variants of the Mercedes-Benz OM 470, OM 471 (very first generation) as well as OM 936 along with the in-line four-cylinder versions of the OM 934 conference the Euro VI discharges basic.

“Trucks from Mercedes-Benz fitted with engines from the OM 470, OM 471, OM 936 as well as OM 934 collection satisfying the Euro VI exhausts requirement might be run with HVO from February 2016,” the business mentioned. “This choice applies to all engine versions whatever their result classification.”

The OM 470 and OM 471 models are durable engines while the OM 936 and also OM 934 engines are classified as tool task.

The firm explained it established the acceptability of HVO for usage in its engines via comprehensive testing. “Since the qualities of HVO suggest that it is definitely comparable to conventionally generated petroleum-based gasoline, no adjustments to the engines or their peripherals are necessary,” Mercedes-Benz Trucks explained. “The shot procedure, gas lines as well as seals continue to be the same. The very same is additionally real of the intervals for oil weather changes as well as for cleaning the particulate filter, while there is additionally no constraint in terms of service warranty and also goodwill policy. Engine efficiency as well as torque data additionally stay the exact same when HVO is used.”

The authorization, baseding on Mercedes-Benz Trucks, applies to all gases that abide by the prEN 15940 requirement.

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