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As requested, please find the below information relating to our Agarwood Tree Plantation Ownership opportunity in Thailand that offers 19.71% Annualized Returns. Due to overwhelming demand and extremely limited supply, Agarwood is by far the most valuable and expensive wood in the world. When Agarwood chips are grinded and distilled into oil, Agarwood oil or “Oud Oil” as it is officially known, is the key ingredient in some most luxurious and expensive fragrances in the world.

Top fragrance houses such as Channel, Calvin Klein and Versace to name a few, have all incorporated Oud Oil within their premium fragrance lines. Now, with over a 1,000 new fragrances launched each year, the global fragrance market has reached a current market valuation of over USD 33 billion and growing!

 ~ How Does Agarwood Plantation Ownership Work?

The process is very simple and easy…

1) You select the amount of trees that you would like to own.

2) We provide you with a Sales & Management agreement for your trees, and fully manage them on your behalf until they are ready to be harvested.

3) When your trees are ready, we harvest them, extract the Oud Oil and sell it on your behalf.

4) You will receive your harvest proceeds in the currency and bank account of your choice.

Plantations International takes care of everything for you from “Soil to Oil to Market”. Offering you a fully integrated hands off ownership vehicle, producing a high value, in-demand product, which can safe guard your future for many years to come. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your trees grow. You are now in a key position to supply Oud Oil from your Agarwood trees to the fragrance industry.

The main advantage of owning your own fully managed Agarwood tree plantation in Thailand is that it allows for ownership in a tangible asset that provides a much safer alternative to stocks, bonds and traditional equities. Plantation ownership is particularly attractive to those who wish to own a stable green asset class that is not affected by the typical volatility in the financial markets and that offers guaranteed returns.

~ Agarwood Plantation Ownership Tree Packages in USD

Agarwood Note: The above trees are quoted in USD, But we accept most major currencies at the exchange rate of the day.

Please Watch The Below Pre-Recorded Webinar  , it’s a detailed step by step explanation on how agarwood plantation ownership works. Included is all the key information required for you to conduct your research and will give you a clear understanding of all the benefits, growth rates, market demand and exit strategies associated with owning your own Agarwood plantation in Thailand.

The below links will provide you with our Plantation Ownership Prospectus, Frequently Asked Questions and our Plantations International Photo Gallery.

~ Plantation Ownership Documents & Resources

Agarwood Plantation  Ownership Prospectus

Frequently Asked Questions – Must Read!

Agarwood Global Market Report

Plantations International Photo Gallery

~ Plantation Ownership Snapshot

  • 19.71% Average Annualized Returns.
  • Starting as low as USD 16,390
  • 100% Fully Asset backed! All Trees are Already Planted and Growing Healthy.
  • Fully Managed “Hands Free” Project.
  • Experienced Management Team with Active Agarwood Projects in 3 Countries!
  • 100% Contractually Guaranteed Harvest.
  • Established Exit Market, With Multiple Off-Take Agreements.
  • 100% Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Most Expensive Wood in the World.
  • Complimentary Inspection Visit Included. Come to Thailand and see your plantation!

~ Why should you add managed forestry to your portfolio?

Unlike other traditional asset classes such as stocks , bonds or fixed bank deposits, forestry is completely uncorrelated to the financial markets, We have all seen the extreme market volatility caused by the Covid-19 virus, forcing most governments to lower bank interest rates, some as low as 0%. Some countries such as Switzerland for example have negative interest rates where depositors are actually paying for the privilege to have the banks hold their savings. Forestry as an asset class is mostly immune to this type of extreme volatility and market crashes.

As a matter of fact, managed forestry is considered to be one of the world’s most stable and most consistently reliable asset classes. Trees do not worry about political changes or downturns in the markets and industry sectors. Trees just grow and grow, and Plantations International has the perfect way to make this work for you. Not only do we offer you complete risk mitigation via our guaranteed tree replacement policy. Your harvest returns are also under-pinned by a contractually guaranteed minimum sales price and by a constantly increasing and demanding market.

 ~ About Plantations International

Plantations International has extensive Agarwood Tree Plantations in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and is a market leader in Agarwood cultivation in South east Asia. We are perfectly geographically positioned to maximize the value of our Agarwood plantations and Oud Oil sales directly to the fragrance and pharmaceutical industries around the globe.

The worldwide demand for Agarwood derived products is currently over USD 12 Billion Annually and is expected to increase significantly over the next decade. Thanks to surging Oud Oil prices, Agarwood trees are becoming more and more valuable each day, as they are only legally available from registered, sustainably managed plantations such as the ones owned and managed by Plantations International.

“Markets Go Up & Down, But Trees Keep On Growing!”

 ~ Come to Thailand and Visit Your Trees in the “Land of Smiles”

Once you become a Plantations International client partner, we highly encourage you to come to Thailand to visit your plantation and see your trees. Just let us know of your desired visitation dates and we will make complimentary hotel arrangements for you and one guest in Bangkok. We will also arrange for you a guided tour of your plantation. Bangkok is the worlds most #1 most visited tourist city with world class shopping and attractions and your plantation is just an hour’s drive from the city centre.  You will love it!

If you have any questions or require any further clarifications, just reply to this email and I will get back to you asap. I look forward to assisting you in securing your future for many years to come.

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