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Sydney Jaeger is not your normal pageant lady. Yet if you are seeking her the 2nd week of June she will be busy competing in the Miss Kansas contest standing for as Miss Dodge City. Sydney is just one of 5 sis in the Jaeger home as well as merely finished secondary school this spring. Just like most women her age, Sydney began searching for scholarship opportunities that could possibly lead her toward a college education. In her search she discovered the Beauty queen Organization and was promptly linkeded by the chances it provides to serve others and also the possible channel it can develop.

Sydney is the child of Luke Jaeger, co-owner of biodiesel production business Emergent Environment-friendly Power in Minneola, Kansas. Luke, along with his sibling Matt, started the biodiesel plant in 2012 as well as have actually run it along-side their complete time farming procedure as a family members company. So it comes as little surprise that Sydney has established a love for biodiesel, and checklists operating heavy equipment on the family ranch and operating in the biodiesel plant among her pastimes.

As the Miss Kansas contest methods, the National Biodiesel Board rested down with Sydney to find out more concerning her trip right into the contest world, her love for biodiesel, as well as her future strategies.

Q: You have some non-traditional hobbies compared with the stereotyped model. How do these assistance you attract attention from the rest?

A: My many unique activities and also unusual leisure activities for a beauty queen assist me connect to lots of various other groups that may tower above contest ladies. I really feel that I’m well-rounded and can speak to people, especially Kansans, concerning exactly what they’re passionate about. I have actually possessed a little business, I’ve functioned livestocks, as well as I have actually been driving a grain cart in the harvest field since I was 8 years old. Despite the fact that my family members’s business remains in renewable resource, I have financial investments in nonrenewable fuel sources, so I recognize that market as well. All at once, I seem like I have a better understanding for the economic climate compared to many pageant ladies. I am quite comfy speaking concerning obligations and possessions with successful businessmen as well as businesswomen as well as this alone sets me apart from the remainder.

Q: So why do you intend to be Miss Kansas and also ideally the future Beauty queen?

A: I intend to be Miss Kansas and even Miss America to establish an example, not just as a confident woman, however a well-shaped lady. I feel that I have qualities to offer that former title owners have actually not even considered. I’m associated with so lots of diverse activities that I feel I could get to virtually every crowd with my message about becoming a strong guy or female.

Q: What message do you really hope to leave behind for those following you?

A: I hope after people see exactly what I accomplish, they will certainly know that you don’t need to fit a fashion to go out and try something from your convenience zone. Occasionally, God has a different prepare for you compared to you have for yourself. If you intend to try new points, do it with confidence. In all that you do, do it with self-confidence and also a simple heart. With God, all points are possible.

Q: Just how has your family’s biodiesel business helped form you right into that you are today?

A: My family members’s biodiesel company has every little thing to do with who I am today. A number of my peers want to assume I simply reap the advantages of business and do not do much collaborate with it. That’s the component that makes me laugh one of the most! Every chance I have, I’m out assisting with the family members business. Whether that’s running the energy vehicle from area to area throughout harvest to fuel up the farm devices, supervising responses in the biodiesel plant, or even pressure washing a semi tanker between secondhand cooking oil grab and fuel shipment. Allow me place that last one in point of view. Envision yourself inside the round semi-trailer with one hole at the top just large adequately to reduced yourself down into the tank. You’re after that left mostly at night spraying 180-200 degree water at some unpleasant grease discolorations. After a couple of secs, you begin to examine whether you’re trickling from the pressure washing machine or your personal sweat!

To sum all of that up, my family members’s biodiesel business has helped me to show a prime instance of an all-around individual. Yes, I can drive a semi, do “guys’s” job, as well as transform utilized cooking oil into a renewable resource resource!

Q: Just what do you like best about renewable resource like biodiesel?

A: If you ask me, biodiesel is the future. For those of you that have no idea, we have the ability to take the utilized food preparation oil from numerous dining establishments (a waste item) and also turn it right into biodiesel gas. We have the ability to run this fuel in all of our automobiles and ranch devices. If that does not obtain you curious about this eco-friendly gas, I do not know exactly what will. Like I claimed, sustainable gases are the future.

Q: Just what made you desire to obtain included with biodiesel?

A: This is in fact sort of a funny story. My papa visited fuel up his semi one day when crude oil supply was low and also need was high (energy costs were up). It cost him virtually $ 1,000 to fuel up his semi for sunflower harvest. He understood there had to be a far better, much more affordable way. He began investigating and also, prior to I understood it, he was asking me if I wished to help him with a scientific research experiment. I wasn’t sure just what mom’s vegetable oil as well as her measuring mugs related to anything daddy wanted to try out, yet I played along. Easily, we had made our first set of biodiesel. From the initial experiment between papa and also “Little Syd” I was addicted. My last term of secondary school, I was able to do a work-study along with our drug store, producing biodiesel on a much larger range. I am so honored to work for Emergent Green Power, the only operating biodiesel plant in the state of Kansas.

Q: Exactly what have been a couple of your preferred encounters handling biodiesel?

A: Considering that we generate biodiesel, dad asks that all of us drive diesel vehicles. My siblings and I primarily drive Volkswagens with diesel motor. An encounter that will certainly never obtain old when handling biodiesel is drawing up to a gasoline station while we’re out of community as well as fueling up with the environment-friendly nozzle. You would not believe some individuals’s reaction when they see a quite girl putting diesel in her auto! They’ll scream “Ma’am! You recognize that’s diesel?” And I’ll respond, “It’s just what !? Oh no!! Exactly how do I repair it!?” Adhered to by my giggling as well as a factor to my license plate that says “Powered by Biodiesel.”

Q: What are your plans for after high institution?

A: Next year, if I am not crowned Miss Kansas, I will be going to Wichita State College. While going after a degree in chemical design I will certainly be supporting on the Shox (essentially). Along with being a supporter, I will certainly likewise be a pupil ambassador for the university. I look ahead to acquiring my chemical engineering level and furthering my biodiesel research.

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