Corporate Durian Tree Resale – 20% Off

Corporate Resale | Save up to 39,550 USD! (25.07% avg. annual returns) One of our corporate clients has requested our assistance in liquidating a portion of their Organic Musang King Durian tree holdings in Malaysia due to issues with their business. The client acquired 200 trees in 2023 for USD 619,200 (3,096 per tree), which is a massive 20% discount from our current pricing of USD 777,400 (3,887 per tree). Naturally, a single 50 tree transaction is preferred, but the client has agreed to release fractional packages. Below is a breakdown of the available packages (in USD): PLEASE NOTE: Since your [...]

Mise à jour des actualités de janvier 2024

Bienvenue dans notre actualité de janvier 2024 sur Plantations International. Dans ce numéro… Nous avons des nouvelles très excitantes ! La NOUVELLE évaluation par BDO de Plantations International Plantations International rejoint le Pacte mondial des Nations Unies Plantation biologique Musang King Durian – La première au monde ! Accord de collaboration avec l'Université de Mara NOUVELLE évaluation par BDO de Plantations International ~ En novembre 2021, Plantations International Thaïlande a reçu une évaluation des revenus projetés de 270 892 231 USD de la part du cabinet international de comptabilité et d'audit Mazars. Depuis lors, nos plantations de mangues ont plus que triplé en taille.  [...]

January 2024 News Update

Welcome to our January 2024 Plantations International Update. In this issue... We have some very exciting news! Plantations International's NEW BDO Valuation Plantations International Joins United Nations Global Compact Organic Musang King Durian Plantation - World's First! Mara University Collaboration Agreement Plantations International's NEW BDO Valuation ~ in November of 2021 Plantations International Thailand received a projected revenue valuation USD 270,892,231 from the international accounting and auditing firm Mazars. Since then our Mango plantations have more than TRIPLED in size. In early January of this year the team from BDO agreed to update our previous valuation to reflect our growth. BDO [...]

Thailand Fruit Exports are Booming

The sweet smell of Thai mangoes for sale at fruit markets across china signal a remarkable shift in the Asia-Pacific fruit trade. As China’s Belt and Road Initiative strengthens economic ties across the region, fruit exports from tropical Thailand to China are booming. Thailand, long famed as the “Fruit Basket of Asia,” is now increasingly becoming China’s fruit bowl. By the end of 2023, Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce predicts the country will exported over 4 million tons of fruit, 77% of which will be destined for China. This represents a seismic shift from just five years ago, when less than [...]

BDO Mango Tree Audit Completed

BDO, a global leader in audit and assurance, on July 4, 2023 confirmed the outstanding success and high survival rate of the mango trees at Plantations International's Kanchanaburi site. Following an extensive and rigorous audit, the international accounting firm counted a total of 14,400 mango trees, with an impressive 99.62% flourishing in optimum health, shattering the industry standard. The independent tree count audit undertaken by BDO, a firm known for its stringent standards, revealed that 14,344 of the total mango trees are growing healthily and robustly. In contrast, only 56 trees were found to be struggling – a mortality rate of [...]

War in Ukraine Pushes Food Prices to Record High: FAO

The surge in food prices accelerated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February. Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of wheat and corn. Global food prices have hit record levels in the wake of the Ukraine war, the latest data from the Food and Agriculture Organization shows, raising concerns over food security and the conflict's impact on vulnerable populations across the world. The U.N.'s food price index rose to 159.3 in March, up 17.9 points, or 13%, from February and jumped 34% from a year ago. The index measures the monthly change in international prices for a basket of [...]

Plantations International rejoint le Pacte mondial des Nations Unies

Le groupe d'entreprises Plantations International est très heureux d'annoncer qu'il a été accepté dans le prestigieux Pacte mondial des Nations Unies. Plantations International s'engage à soutenir les dix principes du Pacte mondial des Nations Unies sur les droits de l'homme, le travail, l'environnement et la lutte contre la corruption. Par cette communication, nous exprimons notre intention de mettre en œuvre ces principes. Nous nous engageons à intégrer le Pacte mondial des Nations Unies et ses principes dans la stratégie, la culture et les opérations quotidiennes de notre groupe, et à nous engager dans des projets de collaboration qui font progresser les [...]