Driscoll’s which is an California-based provider of fresh berries has announced that it will double its investment in China in the coming five years, as per its chief executive. Miles Reiter, chairman and chief executive officer of Driscoll’s stated that he’s noticed the immense potential in the Chinese market that is growing quickly.

Reiter stated: “We plan to sell 35,000 tonnes of berries in the coming year, which is up by 25 percent over the last year. There is a lot of market demand from China. I am confident that we will maintain a similar rate of growth over 5 years to come which will be followed by an extremely substantial coming future.”

To meet the local needs to local preferences, in 2013, Driscoll’s set up its first local plantation within Honghe located in Yunnan province. It was the first corporation of a multinational nature to conduct local cultivation operations in China.

Source: global.chinadaily.com.cn