The German discounter Lidl expressed its opinion on paying higher prices and is known as “living wage” for bananas “Lidl is currently working on a new significant milestone for its banana selection in collaboration with Fairtrade as well as the world-renowned Fairtrade certification firm Flocert Lidl will become the first retail store in Germany to provide customers exclusively bananas made from plantations in which Lidl will also pay a premium, which is the”living wage” reference rate for the workers of the production countries , while the retail cost remains the identical. It allows Lidl to shift into “Living Wage” bananas,” the German retail giant said via its press representative.

“The price that was mentioned in the Latam Banana Task Force ( Lidl bananas priced at 0.95 cents per kilogram unsustainable, says Latam banana farmers) is a limited period of time, offering three days to purchase our Rainforest Alliance labelled bananas. The offer is not affecting existing contracts that have fixed prices for suppliers.”

Lidl also explained the company’s method of purchasing bananas and their approach to banana procurement and Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certifications:

“In every one of the Lidl stores, customers are able to choose from three different varieties of bananas: Organic Fairtrade banana, traditional bananas with Fairtrade certificate and traditional bananas with Rainforest Alliance seal. Our Organic Fairtrade Bananas from Peru as well as in the Dominican Republic. Their respective sources along with the appropriate certificate is clearly displayed on the cost tag of our customers.”

“Our organic banana is Fairtrade certified. Fair trade impacts throughout the value chain, and across every area of production in the countries from which it originates. It is a requirement for environmental, social, economic and political standards for banana plantations as well as among producers. They include the respect for workplace health and safety regulations as well as sustainable farming practices.”

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