The supply of traditional lemons in the present. “Overall the supply is extremely strong because of the rain that has been heavy in California this time of year,” says George Uribe from McDaniel & Chirico Worldwide. “We see increased fruit production in Mexico and the harvest is currently reaching between 200 and 140sz. ” The expert says that the it’s a good quality, which means that there’s currently about 60 percent of the fruit as well as 40 percent of the fancy.

In comparison to the last year’s year to this point 2023 has had more rainfall, which means that it’s also yielding more fruits. “We are also seeing about 25 per cent more trees which have been planted, so we’re expecting to see 35-40% greater fruit production this year than the previous year,” states Uribe and is producing lemons twelve every year from Mexico.

The summer crop of last year was also affected by the drought, which meant that production was delayed into winter. “This led to an smooth transition into our winter/spring crop, which could be taking us straight into our summer crops again between June and July,” He states. “Organic lemons should be harvested in the early months of May and continue to grow in tandem with conventional harvests after that.”

George Uribe.

Two regions that are growing

At present, McDaniel & Chirico Worldwide has been sourcing lemons in Tamaulipas, Mexico. In the meantime California’s D1-2 are fully in production as well.

However, the demand has been extremely high for lemons, given that foodservice is back full-time and the high cost of lime market has helped too. To meet this requirements, the shipping company has annual and seasonal contracts for value-added packages and bulk orders along with private labels.

Consumption of Steady is rising slightly with the increase in population as well as the demographic shifts that are taking place across the U.S. Uribe also anticipates that demand will increase in organic lemons due to the constant growth observed on every organic item each year.

The group of McDaniel & Chirico Worldwide.

The issue of overproduction

There is an urgent issue that faces the category of lemons. “Overproduction is the biggest issue, even in the absence of historical, severe weather pattern. This will demand that each cultivator to be as efficient as is possible in order to make a profit,” says Uribe.

Given the large stocks, the price is less than the previous year. “Strong supplies are affecting prices and it appears as if these prices will last in the near term. California farmers appear to have ample production going into the summer. Mexico is expected to be a major contributor in production all through the year,” says Uribe. Additionally, South American lemons will start arriving by mid-May, which will further complicate market conditions.

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