The arrival of a large quantity of grapes in wholesale has helped bring prices down for the retail market. The grapes are sold between the price of Rs 30 and fifty per kilogram in the retail market. The season for grapes is advancing towards their maximum. However, this year’s beginning of grapes took place a tiny amount because of the rain that was unseasonal on the growing regions during the months of October through November.

In the present, 50-60 vehicles loaded with grapes have arrived at the market. Based on reports from the APMC Vashi administration, around 820 tons of wine arrived at the market on Monday, and are a great quantity. In fact, the price retail is between 30 and 50/kg. The grapes are arriving through Nashik, Baramati, and Solapur. “The grapes will be on the market from mid-April until the end of April,” stated a trader from APMC.

(Rs 100 = EUR1.10 (Rs 100 x EUR1.00)