Special Report: China and The Global Garlic Market

OVERVIEW GLOBAL GARLIC MARKET China, by far the world's largest garlic producer, sets the conditions in the global market. Rumours about problems with the crop and possible losses are being taken relatively calmly by the international market, although there are reports that importers are monitoring their import flows more closely and importing more from other countries in order to avoid problems. Argentinian growers are struggling to maintain their position on the world market. Due to high costs and competition from other countries, they risk losing their capacity to compete. Israeli growers are frustrated about the import quotas, which only allow imports [...]

College of Kentucky algal biofuels research striking the ground in China

Plantations International Information The University of Kentucky Establishment for Applied Power Study (CAER) is partnering with Lianhenghui Investment Co. to construct a five-acre algae production center in Zhengzhou, China. The establishment will feature the center's unique photobioreactor innovation for growing algae, which will certainly be made use of for the manufacturing of gases, nutraceuticals, as well as bioplastics. Lianhenggui is also constructing a second, smaller sized center in Zhengzhou, which will certainly use the very same technology to grow algae for the production of nutraceuticals. Microalgae have actually attracted considerable interest in the last few years as a high-yield sustainable feedstock [...]

Algenol to produce biofuels and decrease CO2 exhausts in China

Plantations International News US-based Algenol has actually executed a memorandum of comprehending MOU South China's Fujian Zhongyuan New Power Firm (ZYNE) to create tasks throughout Southern China, using carbon exhausts to create eco-friendly energies. The goal of the 2 companies' participation is to give solutions for accessing clean air, cleaning water, and also providing sustainable gases, the 3 major obstacle China is encountering today. Under the structure of the US-- China Environment Change Working Team, there is a global effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Algenol's trademarked Direct to Ethanol innovation process utilises industrial CO2 exhausts straight from power plants as [...]