The Rise of Musang King: How Malaysia’s “King of Fruits” Conquered China’s Durian Market

The Rise of Musang King The pungent, creamy and bittersweet Musang King durian has become a sensation in China, captivating local tastebuds and dominating the imported durian market. As Musang King's popularity soars in China, it is helping promote Malaysia's culture, cuisine and tourism beyond its borders. The Allure of Musang King Musang King, known as Mao Shan Wang in China, is a premium cultivar of durian grown in Raub, Pahang. Its unique taste and texture has earned accolades as the "king of durians". Demand has skyrocketed in recent years as durian imports to China increased from $2.1 million in [...]

How China’s Durian Craze Is Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia

The King of Fruits: How China's Durian Craze Is Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia The pungent, spiky durian fruit has long been treasured in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits." In recent years, durian fever has spread to China, with the country importing and consuming durians in unprecedented quantities. This burgeoning durian trade symbolizes the deepening economic ties between China and the ASEAN bloc, bringing prosperity to durian farmers while satisfying Chinese consumers' craving for the divisive fruit. The Rise of Durian in China While many Westerners find durian's potent smell and taste challenging, the fruit has become enormously [...]

War in Ukraine Pushes Food Prices to Record High: FAO

The surge in food prices accelerated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February. Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of wheat and corn. Global food prices have hit record levels in the wake of the Ukraine war, the latest data from the Food and Agriculture Organization shows, raising concerns over food security and the conflict's impact on vulnerable populations across the world. The U.N.'s food price index rose to 159.3 in March, up 17.9 points, or 13%, from February and jumped 34% from a year ago. The index measures the monthly change in international prices for a basket of [...]

Plantations International Joins United Nations Global Compact

The Plantations International Group of Companies is very pleased to announce that is been accepted into the prestigious United Nations Global Compact. Plantations International pledges to support the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. With this communication, we express our intent to implement those principles. We are committed to making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations of our group, and to engaging in collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals. Plantations International has [...]

Malaysia’s Exports to China Increasing in spite of Pandemic

I met Ambassador Raja Nushirwan Zainal Abidin at the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, when he was preparing to attend an event promoting durian. The durian on display was a premium durian from Malaysia, Musang King, a fruit that's popular in China. "This star shows it's Musang King Durian, secondly it helps you to open the fruit up. So it tells Musang King Durian from other varieties of durians," said the ambassador. The event gathered importers, consumers and popular social media figures, or key opinion leaders as they're known. An event promoter said quite a lot of Musang King durians are sold [...]

China Customs Busts $102 Million Durian Smuggling Ring

According to an announcement from Chinese customs authorities on Jan. 5, the customs units at Nanning and the Huangpu district of Guangzhou have jointly uncovered a large-scale durian smuggling operation. At 4 a.m. on Jan. 1, under the direction of the General Administration of Customs Anti-Smuggling Division, the anti-smuggling divisions of the Nanning and Huangpu customs authorities conducted a targeted raid on the durian fruit smuggling ring. The authorities dispatched more than 70 officers across several locations, including Nanning and Pingxiang in Guangxi province and Dongguan in Guangdong province. The operation resulted in the successful dismantling of three durian fruit smuggling [...]

Musang King Durian Investors Are Loving It!

Many a bus has trundled up north across the narrow causeway that separates Singapore from Malaysia , carrying Singaporeans in search of an unusual treasure: plentiful supply of the fruit with pungent yellow flesh inside a thorny chassis. Michael Syn, who heads the derivatives segment at the Singapore Exchange, has gone one step further. The 47-year-old four years ago invested in a Musang King Durian plantation in Johor with some friends, with the group of five ploughing in some S$2.5 million altogether. With that, he was thrust into the world of durians - one that was, for a long time, a [...]